If you own a restaurant, you understand that the customer is top priority. It’s true that menu options, seating arrangements, décor, theme, and customer service all contribute heavily to the satisfaction of your customers. But one critical component of the decor that’s most overlooked, is restaurant lighting.

restaurant lighting

Lighting Influences the Mood

When customers elect to dine out they seek one of two options – either the fast-paced eating experience or the slow-paced, emotional experience. If you are reading this, it is likely that you own and operate a restaurant that sways to the slow-paced emotional dining experience.

This dining experience should focus on the social aspects of eating and appeal to all of the senses. It should be more than just “eating” or a “meal”. It should be an experience. By incorporating the proper lighting choices into your restaurant, you can influence the mood of those that elect to eat at your establishment.

Start with The Kitchen

chef in restaurant kitchen

When focusing on lighting to enhance the dining experiences of your customers, start with the kitchen. This is the areas where everything on your menu is prepped for and created.

Proper lighting needs to be installed so that your staff can prepare the absolute best meals. It also needs to be able to accommodate the safety of those that work for you.

Lighting in the kitchen should be streamlined and bright so that it renders the best results in your menu items.

The Dining Room

dining room in restaurant

The dining area of your restaurant is where it all starts. Not only does the proper lighting set the mood for the dining experience, but it can help in providing a boost in your overall sales.

The goal is to ensure that your customers stay as long as possible. Lengthy stays often equal heavy orders.

The lights that you place in the dining room area should encourage your guests to achieve a high level of comfort. It should also accentuate the items that are on your menu.

By achieving both of these, your guests will order more and stay longer.


The lighting that you choose to place within your restaurant should consider the safety of your staff and your customers. Not only should you have your standard lighting in place, but you should also have your emergency lighting in place. That way, in the event of an unforeseen incident, everyone is able to move to safety easily, without suffering from injury. Safety lighting should be installed both indoors and outdoors.

We Can Help

If you are seeking to enhance the ambience of your restaurant, boost the performance of your staff, increase your sales, and ensure the overall safety of your establishment, we can help by offering high-quality lighting solutions.

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