Commercial lighting Denver electric signs are a common product utilized by businesses in and around the city; however, on occasion, these signs experience problems. Continue reading to learn about the most common issues that occur.

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Type of Lighted Electrical Signs Used for Businesses

Before we delve into the most common problems that detrimentally impact electric signs used by businesses, we feel it is important to outline the types of signs that are currently available. By knowing the type of lighting that exists within your signage, you will be able to narrow down the problem more quickly and will be able to identify your product with confidence when electing to work with commercial electricians in Denver.

This is very simple.

There are signs that use fluorescent bulbs, those that use LED bulbs, and those that utilize neon lighting.

Most Common Issues Associated with Fluorescent Lighted Signs

Until the advancements and introduction of LED lighting, most signs for businesses used signs that required fluorescent bulbs. In fact, fluorescent-lighted signs are still considered to be the most common type of electrical signage used by businesses in Denver. The following outlines the most common issues that affect these types of signs:

  1. If the lamps of the signs are too close together, spots that have a high level of heat will develop and the lighting will appear to be uneven.
  2. If the lamps are spaced too far away from one another, the sign will dim and may become challenging to read.
  3. If the lights go out, it could mean that electrical troubleshooting is required, there is a problem with the photo cell, the timer is having an issue, or the light bulbs need to changed or completely retrofitted.

Most Common Issues Associated with Signs That Use LED Bulbs

Many businesses are now transitioning to electric signs that use LED bulbs because those bulbs last the longest. In most instances, LED signs result in no complications. If you do have problems, they may be one of the following:

  1. The brand of bulb is not high in quality and needs to be replaced.
  2. The coloring that you need for your sign is off. This is simple to resolve. You will have to contact a commercial electrician to determine what color or brand is most appropriate for your needs.
  3. There could be a short in the wiring that provides electricity to the electric sign.

Most Common Issues Associated with Signs That Use Neon Lights

Neon lights are the absolute oldest type of electric sign. These are gorgeous, but are dangerous due to the high voltage required to light them. If you have a neon sign, only commercial electricians in Denver should handle them. The following outlines the most common problems associated with these:

  1. The sign may flicker and then go out when it is powered on.
  2. If a transformer goes bad, it will appear dim or will not light up at all.
  3. If the neon tube is starting to fail, you will find one end is lit and one end is not.

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