Today, businesses are becoming more forward-thinking. They are focused on boosting operations, cutting production costs, and increasing sustainability.

One of the newest and most productive means of accomplishing these goals is to integrate and utilizing smart lighting systems that run on IoT (Internet of Things).

We all know about the massive network of products that contribute to the functionality of “smart” homes across the nation. Now, there is an IIoT – or, “Industrial Internet of Things” – that is quickly boosting the efficiency and productivity of both industrial and commercial buildings, worldwide.

The good news is, you can get on board, too!

Learn about the numerous rewards your business will reap by using smart lighting.

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Reward #1: Measurable Savings on Energy Costs

By integrating a smart lighting system into your business, you will receive an immediate and a quantifiable return in terms of savings on energy costs. By utilizing advanced controls that tune according to task and harvesting the natural daylight source, you could – potentially – see savings of all the way up to approximately 90%.

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Reward #2: Longer Lasting Bulbs

The LED lights that are part of today’s smart lighting systems last approximately 25,000 hours, while in use. This means that you will have to replace the bulbs far less than you currently change the bulbs. This results in not only getting longer use out of the lights, but you are helping the environment.

By using fewer bulbs, it takes less time and resources to manufacture the bulbs, pack the products, and transport them to your business.

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Reward #3: Boost to Your Green Ratings

When using smart lighting systems that utilize LED bulbs, 95% of the energy is converted directly into light and only 5% is considered “wasted” as heat. This means that your business will place less of a direct demand on the power plants that provide it with energy. Furthermore, you will have less of an impact on greenhouse gases.

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Reward #4: Achieve Sustainability Easily

The smart lighting systems can be customized in numerous ways. This will help your business achieve sustainability that you have set for yourself and the efficiency standards that are now being put into place by law. Results can be tracked and measured.

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Reward #5: You Are in Control

When you put a smart lighting system into your business, you are in complete control. These contain fixtures, sensors, and other components that will allow lighting to go on and off – based on the needs of your business.

Lighting may take data pulled from various rooms of your business to determine when to power on. Examples of the data include the common traffic patterns and if the room is occupied by employees.

In addition to this, the lighting can be adjusted – based on the presence of natural light sources that are within the environment when the lights are located.

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