Inadequate maintenance of electrical systems is considered to be the leading cause of poor levels of energy efficiency, equipment breakdown, and business interruption. By establishing and executing a program with a focus on electrical maintenance, equipment failures will be reduced, expenditures that are unbudgeted will be avoided, and unplanned amounts of downtime will not occur as often. In short, this is the importance of having electrical-based maintenance established in your business. Continue reading to learn more.

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What is Commercial Electrical Maintenance?

Commercial electrical maintenance consists of the testing, troubleshooting, supervision, and repairs of various components of the structure’s electrical system. It involves all aspects of the system. These include wiring, outlets, switches, protective coverings, machines, and equipment.

When a commercial electrician performs maintenance on your business, it could be as simple as an inspection or as broad as installing new wiring. In short, an electrical maintenance program is a type of preventative maintenance program for your business.

The Essentials

The following outlines why electrical maintenance is absolutely essential to your business:

  1. If electrical maintenance is regularly scheduled in your business, it will help in minimizing the amount of downtime that you experience. This – in turn – prevents the loss of data and even the loss of revenue.
  2. By having your electrical system property maintained, you are also playing a role in maintaining the equipment and machinery in your business. This will help in saving money on repairs, components, and complete replacement.
  3. By having regular maintenance performed on your electrical equipment, the electrician will be able to identify issues before they become extremely serious and result in more complicated problems. The more complicated the problem, the higher the expense. Maintenance helps you to avoid repairs and replacements that are extremely expensive.
  4. When you have regular electrical maintenance performed in your business, it helps to lengthen the overall lifecycle of the equipment and machinery that you own. This helps in preventing unnecessary replacements with the components of your equipment and machinery and extremely expensive complete replacements.
  5. By having regular maintenance performed on your electrical system of your business, your electrician will be able to assist you in identifying drains that are due to faulty components or even those that are outdated. This can help in ensuring the highest level of energy efficiency in your business.
  6. Electrical maintenance programs help businesses experience higher levels of productivity. Not only can downtime due to electrical problems result in unnecessary time restraints, but it can also be detrimental to the overall morale of your employees. Depending on what type of business that you have, it could negatively impact your customers or clients, too.
  7. Workplace safety should be a priority. By having an electrical maintenance program in your business, you are providing a higher level of priority to the safety of your employees and customers. Injuries cost a lot of money. Typically, an injury in a business result in lost productivity, pushing forward with worker’s compensation claims, medical expenses, and could result in lawsuits. By having an electrical maintenance system in place, you can rest assured that this aspect of your business is as safe as possible.

By having regular maintenance performed on the electrical system of your business, you are capable of getting your company head of any type of situation that may prove to be costly and/or dangerous. You will not be burdened by frayed wires, improper grounds, worn casing, and other types of damage to the components of your electrical system.

By having maintenance performed on your electrical system, you have the capability of addressing any issues immediately and avoiding more serious, dangerous, and costly issues.

Apart from issues with the electrical components themselves, there are serious health implications and dangers associated with not getting electrical maintenance in your business. Two of the most serious are electrocution and the possibility of an electrical fire developing in the structure of your company. We here at Hardcore Electric specialize in commercial electrical maintenance, repairs, installations, and repairs. If you are ready to develop an electrical maintenance program at your business, we can help!

We here at Hardcore Electric specialize in a wide range of services. These include UL Panels, electrical installations on new and old construction, remodels, electrical additions, lighting, security systems, machine wiring, machine repairs, generators, the testing and troubleshooting of electrical components and gadgets, and telephone wiring, internet and network wiring, and more! To get started in an electrical maintenance plan, we encourage you to contact us today.

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