Lighting influences many things for a business. Functionality, overall productivity of the workplace. Security and ambience are also affected. Lighting also reflects approximately one third of the costs of the electric bill of a business. Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting is important.

Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting

Recent advancements in commercial lighting now allows businesses to experience significant reductions in electrical costs. By far, fluorescent lighting is considered to be the most common type of Denver commercial lighting; however, today’s Colorado businesses have numerous options. In this lighting guide, we will expound a bit on three of these options.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps – also referred to as “CFLs” – are very similar to the standard-based fluorescent lamps that are commonly utilized among businesses in the City of Denver; however, there is one main and distinct difference – this type of lighting is designed to produce lighting colors that are similar to the traditional incandescent lights. There are wide assortments available – in terms of type and size – to aid in the numerous needs of a business. Examples of these include improving ambience, proper task lighting, and lighting for general spaces. According to studies, these types of lamps have four times the efficiency of traditional incandescent lights and are capable of lasting up to ten times longer.

Incandescent Lamps

When it comes to efficiency, incandescent lamps rank the absolute lowest among all lighting types; however, many Denver businesses are still dependent upon systems that utilize these types of lamps. Studies indicate that these deliver about 15% light. The other 85% is emitted as heat-only. The most positive characteristic of this lighting type for the Denver, Colorado business is the light produced – which is considered to be the absolute closest to the light that is naturally produced by the sun. While low wattage bulbs do result in far less electrical costs and are inexpensive, they still consume a high level of electricity and may result in a higher need for climate control systems due to the release of heat within the work environment.

Halogen Lamps

The third most commonly utilized commercial lighting system among Denver businesses is the one that uses halogen lamps. These lights produce a highly intense light that is white in color. In most instances, halogens are only used for decorative and/or display light. However, many businesses use these in fixtures that have spotlighting capabilities for more condensed lighting in a central location. Halogen commercial lighting systems have the ability of lasting up to four times longer than their incandescent lamp counterparts.

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