industrial-electrical-workWhen it comes to industrial electrical work, permits are required for most new electrical jobs, remodel jobs that require adjustments to the electricity, and standard maintenance. Essentially, a permit is required to ensure that the installation of the electrical components is safe and the work associated with the task is done in such a way that it confirms to the most current safety codes pertaining to industrial electrical work. All locations must have this especially a business location like a restaurant. A permit is considered to be a document that ensures your protection and it requires inspection of the work, as outlined by the law in a given region. In this guide, you will learn the basics associated with permits associated with industrial electrical work.

Failure to Obtain a Permit

The failure to obtain a permit for any type of industrial electrical work could result in numerous complications. Outlined below, you will find the most common issues:

  • You may find that your business, organization, or your industrial-based setting, has challenges in obtaining certain types of financing and/or selling the property.
  • For each day that industrial electric work is performed without a valid permit, you may find that your business is subjected to a fine of up in the way of $2,000.00 each day that your company is considered to be “in violation”.
  • You may find that, failure to obtain an electrical work permit results in the prevention of your business and/or organization from obtaining insurance or properly making official claims on the already-claimed insurance policy.
  • If industrial electrical work has been performed without a valid permit, the electrical service to your business and/or organization could be interrupted and/or permanently shut off.

Requesting an Inspection

When having industrial electrical work performed, it is imperative to ensure that you request an inspection prior to the physical covering of the work performed, not to exceed a total of three business days after the successful completion of the work, or, you must request an inspection no more than one complete business day after any part of the industrial electrical work has been energized to any degree. Failure to request such an inspection could result in the occurrence of penalties for your business.

Information Needed for Permit

When seeking to obtain a permit for industrial electrical work, you must have the following information:

  • The name of the owner of the site and/or the property
  • The physical address of the location that the industrial electrical work will be performed.
  • The name of the power company that is offering service at the location
  • A complete description of all of the action steps and work that will be completed – from beginning to end
  • A request for an inspection at the conclusion of the job


While most industrial electrical work professionals will obtain and carry their own permit, there are some instances in which you will need this type of work performed and will need to obtain your own permit. As you can see from the information contained within this guide, failure to obtain the proper permitting may result in a wide array of complications. Many, in which, result in an immense amount of expenses. Prior to any and all electrical work, ensure that your contractor has a permit. To hire a business to handle all of your industrial electrical work needs – without the hassle – contact Hardcore Electric today at: 720-841-3897

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