One of the most common jobs for electrical engineers is helping restaurants avoid common electrical hazards in the kitchen. When it comes to electrical-based implementations, there is always a threat in regards to electrocution. Individuals that work in a commercial-based kitchen have an increased risk of experiencing electrocution due to water spills and the increased possibility of fires igniting as a result of grease debris. In this guide, you will learn how electrical engineering service professionals assist in helping restaurants avoid the common electrical-based hazards that may occur within the kitchen.

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Outlining Potential Hazards

One of the most common jobs for electrical engineers in the restaurant setting is to outline the potential hazards that are present to the management and staff of the facility. The most common areas that pose threats to those that work in and around the kitchen are as follows:

  • Areas where countertop equipment is placed that could have worn out electrical cords are exceptionally dangerous.
  • Areas where wet-based cleaning practices are performed.
  • Areas where restaurant equipment is located if that equipment has faulty electrical wiring or worn electrical components.
  • Areas where outlets and/or connectors are located if damage is present.
  • Areas where electrical extension cords are used if the cords are damaged, not used properly, or exposed to moisture.

Employee Measures for Protection

When it comes to jobs for electrical engineers in the restaurant setting, one of the most important is teaching employees of the facility measures for protection. The following outlines the most common means of protection from electrocution:

  • Electrical engineering service professionals teach restaurant employees how to shut off the power to the kitchen in case of an emergency.
  • The engineers help to educate employees on electrical cord placement and how to keep this type of cord away from equipment when it is being utilized.
  • Employees are taught how to properly use plugs, which plugs are ideal for use, and how to properly insert and remove from such plugs.
  • It is common for electrical engineering service professionals to teach restaurant employees to avoid touching a person if they are being electrocuted and how to turn off the power source causing the electrocution.
  • Electrical engineers show employees how to test if an extension cord is experiencing overload and the steps required to handle the overload.

Confirming OSHA Standards

One of the jobs for electrical engineers in a restaurant setting is to ensure that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Standards are met. These include all of the following:

  1. The professionals ensure that the restaurant has floor and/or ceiling plugs so that the cords associated with the equipment within the facility does not run across the walkways throughout the building.
  2. Electrical engineering service professionals make certain that there is ample space to work with, service, and maintain the electrical-based equipment within the facility at all times.
  3. Electrical engineers ensure that all outlets that are located near a source of water within the restaurant are properly grounded to avoid electrical shock.
  4. The electrical professionals will check all receptacles, electric and electronic-based equipment, and cords to ensure that they are not damaged or in need of repair. If they are damaged or in need of repair, they order their removal until they are in top working order.
  5. The electrical service professionals work with management in order to teach them proper electrical safety guidelines, such as not plugging in or unplugging equipment when moisture is on the hands.


There are many jobs for electrical engineers, as it pertains to the restaurant setting. Examples include wiring the facility, installing electrical components, and tasks that are similar in nature. One of the most important, though, is helping restaurants avoid common electrical hazards in the kitchen. If you own, operate, or manage a restaurant, it is imperative that you hire an electrical engineering service professional in order to assist in ensuring that your kitchen, your equipment, and your employees are safe from electrical-based hazards. For more information, contact Hardcore Electric today at: 720-841-3897

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