Different seasons call for different kinds of safety measures. Winter is the season that most electricians prepare for because of unpredictable changes in temperature. When temperatures drop to below 20 degrees, people require constant, uninterrupted supply of heat and light artificially provided. When these are cut-off, generators aren’t reliable sources of electricity for long because gasoline are consumed by the minute. There are important winter electrical safety tips that every family must do in order to stay warm and safe.

Extreme winter storm is currently battling certain areas in the United States, particularly the Midwest. Everyone is advised to stockpile the following supplies in case a power outage prevents you from leaving your home.

  • Heavy duty flashlights and extra batteries
  • Handy radio and extra batteries
  • Emergency foods supplies that do not require refrigeration
  • Manual can opener
  • Several Bottles of water
  • A week supply of essential medicines and first aid supplies
  • Extra blankets and sleeping bags
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency heating equipment, used pro
  • Portable generator

Winter Electrical Safety Tips

When using a portable electric heater, keep flammable materials – bedding, clothing, draperies, rugs and furniture – at least three feet away even if it has safety features such as cut-off switches or heating element guards. Read more …

In the event of a power outage,  follow these tips:

  1. Turn off all switches or unplug all lights and appliances to avoid a circuit overload when power is restored. You may leave one light on to tell when power has been restored.
  2. DO NOT run generators indoors; the motor emits deadly carbon monoxide gas.
  3. Keep refrigerator door closed as much as possible to help reduce food spoilage.

When using a portable generator, make sure you plan ahead and be ready for any safety measures needed to perform to run a generator.

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West Bend NewsAmerican Red Cross Offers Winter Safety Tips as Temperatures Plummet and …West Bend NewsAdditional winter safety tips can be found at redcross.org/prepare/disaster/winter-storm. Using Space … The primary hazards to avoid when using …


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Watch out for more winter electrical safety tips from local authorities and from your local Denver Electrician and make sure you make safety first for all members of your family.

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