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Water and electricity do not mix.  If you have had a flood or water damage in your business recently then you may need to hire a commercial electrician. Flooding can be a dangerous situation. If your business’ wiring and electrical system have gotten flooded, then you should find a good qualified commercial electrician to come in to your business and inspect the wiring and electrical box.

After a flood you should, of course, have the main electrical switch disconnected for safety purposes. You should also turn off circuit breakers and remove fuses. Unplug computers and any appliances. Then, as soon as possible, you will want to dry out your business by opening doors and windows and drying up as much water as possible. Drying out your home is very important. All of these things mentioned should be done by a qualified electrician for safety reasons.

A commercial electrician should be at your business to do the following after a flood:

  • check and clean your electrical box
  •  look for any broken fixtures or exposed wire
  • inspect all outlets, receptacles, fuse and breaker boxes
  • replace  smoke detectors or thermostats that have been water damaged
  • check all wiring leading to switches and outlet

Commercial electricians will be very thorough when inspecting your business for water damage.

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