Experiencing electrical issues relatively common. It may prove to be exceptionally difficult in deciding when to make the call for an emergency electrician. The decision often comes with a high level of hesitancy; however, many electrical issues are more serious than others. How do you decide? In this guide, we will outline some instances when it is necessary to use those 24/7 emergency electrical services. If you do not find your situation listed, you should consider the severity of your issue and your comfort level. If you lack the knowledge or comfort to handle the situation on your own, it is better to be safe than to be sorry – simply make the call for the emergency electrician.

Warning Sign

Buzzing and/or Humming Sounds

If you notice that there is a buzzing or a humming sound in your home or business, it is time for professional assistance.

In most instances, these sounds will come from a breaker box. It is an indication that a breaker within that box is failing to trip. It could be an indication that the wiring has a problem.

If the sound is coming from outdoors, it could be that a bigger issue is occurring with the electrical equipment that provides power to your home or business.

Failing to contend with this issue could result in electrical failure and possibly even fire. Contact an emergency electrical technician immediately.

Burning Smell

If you notice an odor that resembles that of plastic burning, smoking, and similar burning smells, you likely have a very serious problem and should contact an emergency electrician immediately. In most instances, this is a sign that a wire is damaged. This can immediately result in a fire.

messy wires

Exposed Wires

Since we are on the topic of wire damage, we feel it is important to point out that if you have exposed wires in your home or business, an emergency electrician should be notified. Wires that are exposed may result in electrocution and/or may cause a fire within the structure.

Wires in Water

Water is a natural conductor of electricity. If wires become submerged in water, it could result in both electrocutions and in the development of a fire. This is an emergency and should be contended with as quickly as possible.

Overloaded Outlets

Take a look around at the outlets in your home or business. Do you notice any black or brown-colored spots or marks? If so, this is a sign that the outlet is overloaded. When this happens, the outlet gets extremely hot. This is a very serious issue and an emergency electrician should be contacted immediately for assistance.

emergency candles

Power Loss

There are numerous reasons why power may be lost. If you lose power and it is not a result of an outage, the issue is within your structure. In this case, you should contact an electrician for help in resolving the issue.

Sparks or Fire

Naturally, if you see sparks or fire, help is needed. You should first call 911 for emergency assistance so that the situation does not increase in severity. Once the emergency personnel have cleared the issue, put a call into an electrician as quickly as possible so that the issue may be resolved.

Flickering Lights

If the lights within your home or business start to flicker, it typically indicates that there is a power surge occurring within the building. In most cases, this happens because there are demands on the electrical system of the structure that are in excess of what the system is capable of handling.

Not only does this pose an issue with your safety, but frequent power surges could result in damage to the appliances and electrical components of the structure. This increases the chance for failure of those appliances and components as well as the possibility that a fire may occur.

If you are experiencing any type of electrical-based issue in your home or business, it is advised that you seek the assistance of a professional electrician.

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