Flickering lights are not only troublesome to those who depend on the lighting, but also quite challenging to resolve. This stems from the fact that most do not understand the underlying cause or potential causes of the issue. Flickering lights may be exceptionally difficult when experienced in a business. Not only can flickering lights cause a general lack of productivity, it may be uncomfortable for many – both in terms of employees and customers. Complications that may arise include the development of headaches, the depletion of energy, and even seizures in those that are susceptible to flashing lights. In this guide, we will outline the most common causes for light flickers in the workplace. Continue reading to learn more.


The Bulb

Is your workplace experiencing flickering in just one light? If so, the bulb and associated issues may be to blame. While it is possible that bulbs may be the culprit if more than one light is flickering, this is not likely.

To determine if the bulb is the culprit, simply take the bulb out of the socket and screw it back in, ensuring it is properly placed and tightly secured. If the issue continues, it could be time for a bulb replacement.

It is advised that you attempt to replace it with a LED bulb before moving on in the troubleshooting steps. If you place the new bulb in and the flickering stops, you have likely resolved the issue.

If the light continues to flicker after bulb replacement, there is another issue occurring.

Overloaded Circuit

If you continue to experience flickering light after bulb replacement, or if you have multiple lights in your business that are flickering, you may be experiencing the issue due to an overloaded circuit.

This overload typically stems from too many appliances, machines, and other items running on the same circuit.

It could also stem from a faulty circuit wire in your electrical system. Bad circuitry wiring and overloads to circuits commonly occur in older structures.

You could try reducing the electrical demand by unplugging some items and seeing if that works. If this step fails, it is imperative that you contact a professional commercial electrician immediately. You should never attempt to handle circuits or components of circuitry on your own as it could result in electrocution and/or electrical fires.

Faulty Light Hardware

Each of the lights that are located in your business are powered by both a light fixture and a light switch. If you find that your lights are flickering, either of these components may be to blame.

You will need to contact a professional electrician who is able to test the light switch and the light fixture.

If either of these are to blame for the issue, the commercial electrician will be able to quickly replace the components with very little downtime.

Naturally, you should avoid attempting replacement on your own as it could result in health hazards and the possibility of an electrical fire igniting. Both of these could prove to be exceptionally challenging to you and your business.

Loose Connections

The electrical system in your business consists of a multitude of wires and connections. If a wire becomes loose, the connections within the system will have a higher range of resistance. As a result of this, the connections will immediately start to overheat.

If you find that flickering lights are occurring in various locations of your business, it could be a result of a loose connection.

While this is a simple fix for a commercial electrician, if it is permitted to continue, the overheating process could result in the development of a fire. If you find that this situation pertains to you, contact us here at Hardcore Electric today. We will quickly evaluate and resolve the issue so that your business and the safety of you, your employees, and your customers is not put at risk.

Cable Connections

The electrical system of your business is connected to a larger power source – such as a power pole or other large system – through the means of specially-designed cables that are capable of carrying heavy power loads into the structure.

If you find that your entire business is experiencing an issue with flickering lights, the issue may not be one that you can easily resolve. It could be the cable connections that are located at the main power source or that deliver electricity into the structure.

Not only is this a fire hazard to you, but it could also pose significant risks to the buildings and/or homes that are in the immediate vicinity of your business. If you suspect cable connections are to blame, call us at Hardcore Electric for immediate assistance now.

Seek Assistance Now

If you have performed the basic steps that you are able to perform – such as switching to a new LED bulb or reducing the load to the circuit breaker – and you are still experiencing issues with flickering lights, you should contact us here at Hardcore Electric immediately.

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