Safety is one of the most important things a business can provide customers, employees, and the immediate neighborhood. While business owners may sometimes consider lights as a protective measure, it’s likely that they’re thinking about protecting property and belongings rather than local individuals.

parking lot at night

The commercial lighting Denver electrical contractors put into place demands more than indoor installation. Well-lit parking lots give customers, visitors and employees a feeling of safety while walking away from and back to their vehicles. They also discourage crime and prevent accidents like tripping and falling. Poorly lit parking lots diminish the image of the overall area and can drive away business.

It only takes a few minutes to determine if an area has adequate lighting. Glance around at dusk and after darkness falls. Are shadows cast that limit vision? Perhaps corner areas and insets remain dark. Neighboring businesses, employees, or even the local law enforcement agency may have reported problems with lighting. Business may improve dramatically if your facility is more approachable during early morning and late afternoon hours.

What’s an easy way to determine what kind of lighting will improve your area? Drive around the neighborhood and other businesses lots much like yours after dark. Make notes about the size, height, and style of lighting with impressive qualities. If the business is open, walk in and introduce yourself. Tell them what you like about their lighting design and ask who did the work. Chances are Hardcore Electric is the Denver contractor mentioned. Find out how the arrangement was determined and if there are improvements being considered. A local qualified, licensed electrical firm has the experience to draw plans after listening to what you want and verifying what’s allowed at your business.

Talk over the possible benefit of retrofitting or redesigning existing lighting. Local ordinances may not require an approved plan or permit in this case. If your task does need a permit, it’s wise to have it drafted and submitted by someone that knows the process and requirements in advance.

Search for and read about the different types of lights suited for your area. Weather, including snow, ice and wind, affects equipment. The company you select to prepare and submit your plans, get the permit, and see the project to completion has the experience to advise you on the best solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask why they recommend a certain style or brand. Ask about its electrical efficiency and reliability. It makes sense to save money by reducing the electric bill while producing more-than-adequate lighting.

Confirm that the absolute date of completion is a reasonable timeframe. Ask the local planning department about the typical amount of time for a project like yours. Ask for credentials from the company you select, including electrical contractor’s license, local business license, and proof of workers compensation coverage. If you want the finished job to look professional, hire a qualified business.