underwriter-labratories-certifiedIn June of 2015, we here at Hardcore Electric announced that our company is now Underwriters Laboratories Certified. Not only do we hold the basic certification, but, we are also certified as an Underwriters Laboratories Certified Industrial Control Panel Shop. This means that we have the ability to manufacture various types of control panels that may be used on industrial equipment and machinery for the United States and Canada. The response that we received from our announcement was quite large; however, we had a lot of questions about Underwriters Laboratories. This week, we would like to provide you with some basic information on Underwriters Laboratories so that you know and understand the significance of our holding this special certification.

The Basics
UL is a global-based, independent company that focuses on safety science. The company has well over 100 years of experience in innovative solutions for safety in regard to various industries. Examples of these industries include electricity, renewable energy, nanotechnology, and more. The Underwriters Laboratories Company is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of safety as it relates to working environments and living environments. The company aids in ensuring that places are safe, products are safe, and that people are safe.

Underwriters Laboratories is responsible for certifying, validating, testing, inspecting, auditing, advising, and training. The company works to ensure that they provide the knowledge to assist their customers navigate and transition seamlessly across issues and standards such as supply chain, compliance issues, trade challenges, and market. Due to these responsibilities, the Underwriters Laboratories Company is a large contender in facilitating global-based trade. UL consists of three different businesses that offer multiple services to resolve problems in a world that is constantly evolving. The three companies include UL Ventures, Consumer, and Commercial & Industrial.

Basic Statistics
In order to truly understand the impact that the Underwriters Laboratories Company has on the world, consider the following statistics as pulled from the year 2014:

  • 113 Countries are UL customers
  • There are almost 22 billion UL marks in the world
  • Safety messages were sent to over 1 billion customers
  • Nearly 98,000 product evaluations were performed
  • The Underwriters Laboratories company employs nearly 11,000 people over 44 countries
  • There are 159 testing and certification centers in the world
  • There are 1,507 different standards officially published by the UL companies

“UL” Stands for “Quality”
As you can see based on the information contained in this brief guide, the Underwriters Laboratories Company stands for quality. If you see the “UL” mark and/or certification, you know that it is safe. This is the biggest reason why Hardcore Electric elected to become UL certified. We ensure that our products and services are of the highest standard of anyone within our industry. We back our services with a guarantee. If you have electrical needs – particular industrial electrical needs – we have the capability to assist you. You may visit our website today by clicking HERE, or, if you prefer, feel free to give us a call today at: 720-841-3897

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