UL Panels

Hardcore Electric is Your One-Stop Shop for Pre-Built and Custom-Made UL Panels for Your Business

Control panels are designed and utilized among businesses and industries to control a vast array of mechanical-based equipment pieces. These products are specially-designed for certain types of electrical arrangements. Each contains unique devices that allow for the successful operation and control of certain types of electrical equipment that are found in today’s businesses.

While many businesses may be able to utilize pre-made control panels, others require custom-made control panels due to designated component preferences. Regardless of your needs, we here at Hardcore Electric can help. We offer both pre-built and custom-made units to ensure optimal efficiency and operation of your business.

What is an Industrial Control Panel?

In order to truly understand the need for a control panel, you must first understand exactly what a control panel is and how it impacts your business. Often referred to as ICPs, industrial control panels are a special type of boxed assembly that incorporates at least two types of control circuit devices.

It includes the necessary interconnecting wiring and all necessary terminals. Instructions are included in the panel that specific installation instructions; however, it is advised that you opt for professional installation for safety and security.

Additionally, professional installation ensures that all connected components within your business are properly connected and functioning appropriately.

UL Certified Marks

What is Required to be Listed as UL?

In order for a control panel to be UL listed, certain requirements must be met. These include a voltage specification and the area in which the control panel is placed.

It is guided by the Standard for Safety of Control Panels. Each panel builder is provided with a written document that outlines any and all construction requirements, specifications on components, and other aspects that ensure the safety and functionality of the control panel.

The Benefits

Custom UL Panels

There are many different benefits to opting for one of our custom-made or pre-built UL listed control panels for your business. The main ones include having an advantage over your competition, ensuring all necessary electrical and construction requirements are met, a higher level of electrical efficiency, the respect of having the UL mark itself, the ability to integrate a wide range of components for your business with ease, and professional consulting services.

The entire goal is to maximize the safety of your business while serving the needs of your customers or clients. The UL mark is more than just a stamp or symbol, it designates the fact that the control panel was designed with the highest standards.

Let Us Help

Your business should operate efficiently and safely. Our UL listed control panels can help you achieve this goal. We have a multitude of features and options that you may choose from.

Our products are designed for a wide assortment of industries. It does not matter if you are a food production plant, packaging plant, specialize in drilling and mining, work in robotics, or any other type of industry – we can create the control panel that is designed to meet your needs.

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