Industrial Control Cabinets
There are, to date, three different types of industrial control cabinets. That is, within the UL-based product category that is known as NITW. The first type is referred to as the “Enclosed Industrial Control Cabinet”. The second and third types are identified as the “Open Industrial Control Cabinet” and the “Industrial Control Cabinet Enclosure”. According to the UL listed panel shop Denver, Hardcore Electric, each of these industrial control cabinets has a specific application as far as installation is concerned. In this brief guide, you will be provided with basic information pertaining to each of these types of industrial control cabinets.

Enclosed Industrial Control Cabinet
When evaluating enclosed industrial control cabinets, you will find that it includes the basic enclosure, the components that are present within the enclosure, and the parts that are mounted directly to the walls or the actual cover associated with the enclosure. These control cabinets are always thoroughly inspected in order to determine that they are free from any shock hazards and any electrical-based fire hazards. When these are installed within the industrial setting, the basic construction of the cabinet is investigated. To pass, it means that it has the unique capability to safely function based on the designated ratings associated with the marked voltage, the marked current, and the marked short circuit current.

Open Industrial Control Cabinets
A UL listed open industrial control cabinet typically includes the internal wires, the terminals for field wiring tasks, and other components that aid in the mounting of the unit on a subpanel without the addition of a completely enclosed casing. When installing this type of control cabinet, it is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, to ensure that the cabinet may be used in conformity and within the provisions associated with the NEC, the strength and durability of the mechanical strength must be tested. Additionally, it is important to determine if there are other factors that will impact the safety of those individuals that will access and use the open industrial control cabinets present within the industrial setting.

Industrial Control Cabinet Enclosures
Finally, we have the industrial control cabinet enclosures. These devices are typically only inspected to ensure that it complies with the previously-outlined construction-based requirements that are contained within the UL 508A standard. These cabinet enclosures often have spaces for terminal bars, contacts, relays, and pilot lights; however, since these are not installed prior to obtaining the cabinet, it will be necessary to have these evaluated by a licensed electrical engineer once all of the components are placed within the cabinet.

If you have an interest in getting industrial control cabinets installed within your business, it is imperative that you learn as much as you can about each of the three types. Here, you have received basic information about the types that are currently available.

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