If you own, operate, manage, and/or work in a plant, it is important that you learn about a few top-rated safety rules for working with the industrial electricity that is present in your facility. While a work environment that operates by rules of safety is not always what is needed to prevent all electrical-based hazards, the rules outlined below will greatly optimize your work area so that you may be alert to certain dangers and prevent yourself from being subjected to other types of dangers.

industrial electrical safety

If you come in contact with electrical circuits, electrical equipment, or electrical-based tools, you should adhere to the following rules as closely as possible to ensure your safety and the safety of other employees within the plant:

  1. It is essential that you always avoid coming in contact with an electrical circuit that is energized.
  2. All electric-based devices, products, and circuits should be treated as if they are live or have electricity running to them.
  3. If you find that you have to perform maintenance on or repair electrical-based equipment, you should ensure that you always, always, always disconnect the source of electrical power behind the equipment.
  4. When working on, in, or near devices that are powered with electricity, you should make certain that all of your tools have handles that are composed of non-conductive materials.
  5. All metals should be kept away from equipment that is electrical. In other words, you should not hold or use pens, pencils, rulers, or other types of measuring devices composed of metal. You should also avoid wearing rings, earrings, necklaces, watchbands made of metal, and belt buckles made of metal when working with or near electrical equipment.
  6. When working on or near electrical devices, you should ensure that your hands and other parts of your body are completely dry and that you are wearing clothes that possess non-conductive properties and shoes that include insulation.
  7. If it is possible, when working with electricity, you should use only one hand and keep the other hand down, beside your body. If an accident does occur, you will prevent the electrical current from going through the chest cavity, near the heart, and other vital organs.
  8. If there is an area in your plant where there is a lot of condensation or a lot of cool air, electrical devices should not be used; however, if there is no way around this, you should mount the devices on a vertical-based panel or simply mount the devices directly to the wall in the room. This will prevent accidental shocks.
  9. If any type of moisture touches any electrical device – like from a chemical spill – you should ensure that you turn the main power supply off and then unplug that electrical device before turning the power back on.
  10. If another person in your plant comes in contact with an electrical conductor, disconnect the power or turn off the main, instantly. You should never attempt to touch the person, the electrical conductor, or the wires associated with the electrical conductor.

By following these simple rules, you are sure to avoid safety hazards pertaining to electricity in your plant. If you need any type of electrical assistance, our trained technicians at Hardcore Electric are standing by to help you. Simply click the following link to learn more about our services: http://www.hardcore-electric.com/

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