The designations of “Industrial Electrician” and “Commercial Electrician” are often used to describe the same types of professionals and often interpreted to mean the same thing, they are different types of specializations that require unique training and are used in different types of professional environments.

commercial and industrial electricians

While both commercial-based electricians and industrial-based electricians possess the skill-set of electrical knowledge and experience, the direct application and the functions of their positions associated with their training defines each in a distinct manner.

Ultimately, the main difference relates – specifically – to the type of worksite where the electricians perform their work. The educational background associated with these two types is very similar in nature; however, electricians that perform their work in an industrial setting require a longer, more comprehensive education than that of a commercial electrician.

What is an Industrial Electrician?

The industrial electrician has a higher level of expertise in their field, due to the amount of education that is required to become licensed and the experiences that they possess. These professionals may obtain their skills and knowledge through an apprenticeship, attending trade school, or a combination of both.

Typically, approximately four years are spent in classroom training. Direct field training typically accounts for a large portion of training. Taking and successfully passing a license examination is necessary to become an industrial electrician.

Electricians that are designated as “Industrial” have a primary focus on working on products and within an industrial setting such as UL listed panels. The following outlines common jobs performed by these types of electricians:

  • The installation of electrical systems and components for businesses that specialize in manufacturing processes and production.
  • The execution of tests on the electronics within the industrial setting.
  • Performing inspections on electricity and electronics within the industrial-based structure.
  • Cleaning and repairing circuitry, wiring, and similar components.
  • Installing outlets, fixtures, and other electrical-based necessities.
  • Ensuring the proper electrical grounding of electrical products and systems in the industrial sector.
  • Regular maintenance and repair of electrical systems and components.

What is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians must obtain a degree, engage in an apprenticeship, and become licensed to perform their work. These professionals work in standard commercial settings, such as business offices, stores, restaurants, and other areas that are readily accessible by the public.

The purpose and intent of this professional’s job is to make certain that the electrical components and systems of a commercial building are functioning in an optimal and safe manner.

Typically, these electricians ensure the safety and full operational capability of the electricity/power of the building, as well as the air conditioning, heating, and lighting.

Hardcore Electric Has Both Industrial and Commercial Electricians

Here at Hardcore Electric, we have both industrial and commercial electricians available to meet your needs. It does not matter if you are running and operating a full-scale factory, a 5-star restaurant, a school, or simply a small store. We have the education, skill, and experience to install, maintain, and repair all electrical systems and components within the structure.

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