underwriter-labratories-certifiedThere are many advantages associated with hiring an industrial electric company that has an Underwriters Laboratories Certification. This is especially true if that electric company is considered to be what is referred to as a “Control Panel Shop”. This indicates that the company has the ability to build control panels that are designed for industrial environments within both the United States and Canada. These custom control panels are officially recognized by areas that have a respect for those items that contain the “UL” label. This particular label indicates that the company and/or the products created by the company have the highest level of safety marks and may be trusted, 100%. The following outlines the benefits that come with hiring an industrial electric company that has an Underwriters Laboratories Certification:

  1. The electric company that holds this very special certification is successfully able to conform to the “National Electrical Code” in the United States and the “Canadian Electrical Code” in Canada.
  2. The companies that are designated with the UL label not only know how to use various types of electrical-based components, but, they also understand environmental ratings, electrical protection techniques, and practice the absolute highest level of safety as it pertains to the industrial electrical setting.
  3. The technicians at an industrial electric company that has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories have been thoroughly trained through advisory services, classes, workshops, and hands-on experiences. These technicians are not only educated in handling all electrical aspects of your business, they also have the capability of customizing all of the electrical components of your business.

We here at Hardcore Electric have held an Underwriter’s Laboratory Certification for several months now. We not only hold a wide range of training and education, we are able to create and pass on to you many different electrical-based components and tools that are designed to optimize your business. We may help in the development, the wiring, and even integrating a control panel system in your industrial environment. If you find that you are in need of an electric company or an electrical engineer, our highly trained staff is currently standing by to assist you. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of an Underwriters Laboratory Certification or have an interest in learning about the products and/or services that we currently offer to our clients, simply call us today at: 720-841-3897

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