Earth Day - Save Electricity, Save the Earth

Saturday, April 22 was Earth Day, and it’s not only a day to take measures to improve our planet, but a day to think about what can be done in the future to take care of the earth.

One of the best things your business can do to save the earth is to work on ways to save energy.

Improving energy efficiency and finding ways to save electricity not only reduces your impact on the environment, it can save you money, too.

When you show that you’re doing your part to improve the planet, it does a lot for your business’ reputation as well. With Earth Day fresh in your mind, here are just a few measures you can take to ensure your business is saving electricity.


Lighting Tips to Save Electricity

Choosing the right lighting solutions and making a few changes can help you save electricity. Some great lighting tips to help you save energy include:

  • Use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) instead of incandescent light lamps.
  • Add motion detectors that will control lighting in areas that are frequently unoccupied, such as business restrooms.
  • Make sure dusty lamps and diffusers are cleaned every six months, which improves lumen output.
  • Remove excess light fixtures and consider adding reflectors. You’ll need less light if you have light colored walls.


Office Equipment Tips to Save Electricity

Save Electricity with office equipment

Your office equipment can use up a lot of electricity, but with a few helpful tips, you can reduce the amount of energy consumed by this equipment.

  • Look for ENERGY START office equipment when you are purchasing printers, copiers, PCs, fax machines, and monitors that will hibernate or shut down after a specific period of inactivity.
  • Make sure that office equipment is turned off each night and for the weekend. If computers can’t be turned off, make sure printers and monitors are turned off.
  • Go with inkjet printers.
  • Instead of faxing or printing documents, email whenever possible.
  • Consider using laptop computers when possible, since they consume about 90% less energy than desktops.

Heating and Cooling Tips to Save Electricity

You can’t get around climate control for your business, but you can take a few measures to save electricity when using these systems.

  • Maximize efficiency by installing programmable setback thermostats or electronic time clocks.
  • Make sure air filters are replaced regularly and condenser coils cleaned.
  • If you have an old HVAC system, consider investing in a new system that is energy efficient.
  • Add locking covers to your thermostats to keep employees from changing temperature settings.


With just a few simple steps, you can do your part to improve our earth, and saving electricity will save your business money as well. It’s great for the earth and it’s great for your bottom line. Looking for more ways you can save electricity and improve your bottom line?

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