Safety Tips for the Industrial SectorIf you own, operate, and/or manage within the industrial sector there are many safety tips that should be followed to reduce the possibility of an electrical-induced accident that could result in injury and/or death. According to numerous studies, these types of hazards cause 4,000 injuries a year. Out of those injuries, over 300 are electrocutions. Not only do these accidents cause problems in the lives of those that they affect, but, they also detrimentally impact the productivity and finances of the industrial-based company where they happen. If you want to avoid these costly and potentially fatal accidents from occurring, follow the safety tips outlined in this brief guide.

Electrical hazards within the industrial sector have accounted for well over 50,000 injuries over the course of the past 10 years. Based on the investigations that have occurred after these injuries have happened, it has been established that nearly each and every single one of them could have been completely avoided if only the proper safety measures were put into place. By placing a special emphasis on electrical safety and encouraging caution among employees, many of the electrical-based problems that occur in the industrial sector may be completely eliminated.

The first safety measure is to ensure that all people that work within the industrial setting that are surrounded by energized equipment and machinery knows and understands the dangers that those items pose. The best method of raising awareness is to put into place a safety program. You should ensure that all of the employees are properly educated on all of the electrical machinery and equipment in the facility and what types of injuries may occur should they touch those items in certain places, or engage in certain activities around those items.

Once your employees are aware of all of the dangers that are surrounding them in the industrial sector, you should then educate them on the first aid measures that may be taken should someone succumb to an electrical-based injury. It is also important that they know when it is safe to administer first aid and come to the rescue of another. For example, if someone is being electrocuted, employees should know that they should not grab that person or else they will become electrocuted. Instead, they should be prompted to cut the power to the electrical source.

One of the most common methods in which people in the industrial sector are harmed by electricity is when they perform lockout/tag out activities. It has been found that just over 3 million people perform these types of activities each and every single day. Extreme caution must be used to ensure safety. OSHA states that this particular activity is the one that results in the highest level of violations during their inspections annually. If you run an industrial business, it is important to ensure that you have an electrical company that can help you to prevent workplace injuries. Hardcore Electric is standing by to assist you in this area. Simply call us today at: 720-841-3897

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