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Limited space to build new industrial areas is creating a challenge for Hardcore Electric and other commercial electricians in Denver CO. Companies energetically find other options for growth, including the purchase of older warehouses for sale that can be converted to habitable space for offices, small apartments and parking garages. Applications for building permits must address more than floor plans, however. Nearly all renovations must address outdated electrical wiring and panels to reduce fire danger and support the prospective power demand, placing additional work and plans on electrical contractors and technicians.

Aside from local and state requirements, two additional agencies have stringent requirements regarding electrical power and its distribution:

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

One of their primary concern is that electrical wiring meets current safety and industrial codes. Just think of all the watts one wall of television sets on display at a department store draws at the same time! A commercial electrical panel receives power from the utility company and sends it to major electrical branches. From there, the power is distributed to smaller branches in a safe manner. A ‘dead front’ protects anyone on the equipment’s operating side of the panel from exposure to live wires and possible electric shock, as required by NFPA and OSHA regulations.

Panels may be located on the inside or outside wall of businesses within the complex. In compliance with OSHA and NFPA safety codes, the panel must:

Be easily accessible, yet out of the way.

Never be blocked.

Six Signs Your Business May Require a New Electrical Panel

Power failures are seldom a surprise unless it’s an act of nature. The previous tenant in what is now your company’s space may not have needed dedicated circuits and specialty outlets, although you do. Following are six noticeable signs that indicate your business area may need a new electrical panel.

  • Multiple extension cords are required to provide enough outlets for equipment.
  • Non-grounded outlets.
  • Additional equipment (such as additional computers and copiers) is on order.
  • No dedicated circuit for computers.
  • Outdated fuse box.
  • Sluggish electric devices.

Call Hardcore Electric today for an industrial or commercial electrician’s evaluation of your Denver CO electrical panel and wiring. We have the experience and knowledge to select and install the proper service panel in addition to verifying local planning permits and requirements are met. Wiring will be brought up to federal and local codes to make a safer area for employees and customers. We’ll go over the new panel and schematic with you and other members of your company about how switches and functions work and deliver power to specific areas.

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