Restaurant Electrical Systems

Restaurants have their own electrical needs that many other businesses don’t have. Besides the ambient lighting in the dining area, which is fairly straightforward, there is the more complex kitchen area. The electrical wiring needs the experienced commercial electricians Denver offers who know the particular needs of a restaurant.

Restaurant kitchens require commercial grade cooking equipment and that has electrical requirements beyond what a home kitchen needs. Restaurants typically have large, often walk-in, freezers and refrigerators. These pull a good deal more power than the typical home refrigerator/freezer. The dishwasher is large enough to accommodate three or four times what a home dishwasher can hold. Stovetops, ovens, griddles, grills and warming tables must all be wired and installed. The kitchen will need several exhaust fans as well as looking out for commercial hazards.

Just outside the kitchen area is the area where the wait staff not only picks up plated orders but also makes hot beverages such as coffee, pours colds drinks and sometimes warms some foods in a microwave oven. This area usually has an ice making machine as well.

All of this takes a tremendous about of wiring that must be done to meet Colorado’s commercial electrical code. For this reason, anyone planning to open a restaurant, whether it is in an existing building or in a newly constructed building, needs to have someone experienced in the kind of electrical systems restaurants require to help in planning the layout of the kitchen and wait staff station.

Of the commercial contractors Denver has, Hardcore Electric is one of the best when it comes to experienced electricians familiar with the electrical needs of a restaurant. Their experienced professionals will be with you from start to finish and beyond. You will know your restaurant’s electrical system was done right and the code inspection will come off with flying colors.

When you are planning the electrical system with Hardcore’s electrician, don’t stop at the inside lighting. You will need lighting outside too. You will likely have a sign on the building with the restaurant’s name and it will no doubt be a lighted sign.

For the best commercial lighting Denver area businesses have, count on Hardcore to ensure the wiring and installation helps the restaurant easy to find. Call us Today

If you are planning to open a restaurant in the Denver metropolitan area, give Hardcore Electric a call and find out how they can help you get the electrical system you need done right the first time.


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