power-surgeThere is an old saying that goes, “lightning never strikes the same place twice”. We have been led to take this as truth; however, lightning can and often does strike certain locations more than once. Each year, there are well over 20 million individuals strikes of lightning in the United States. These cloud-to-ground strikes do not have to actually strike at your business in order to have a detrimental impact. As a matter of fact, it has been established that critical types of business equipment – ranging from the fax machines you use, the computers that are in place, to the machinery responsible for production tasks – have the ability to be damaged from the power surges that stem from lightning strikes. The damage may be imposed even if the strike occurs several miles away from your business. If you fail to prepare for these situations, your business could suffer immensely and you may find that the company is responsible for the devastation that occurs from power surges. Take the steps required today to protect your business against potentially devastating power surges.

The Basics
Power surges often stem from lightning strikes. It has been established that just one bolt of lightning has the unique ability to deliver an astounding 100,000 electrical volts! As lightning travels from the sky to the earth, it searches for the path of least resistance, electrical-wise. When it comes in contact with the ground, it has the potential to travel up to 3 miles to discover that path. The most basic of power surges may send anywhere from 500 volts to 1,000 volts through any type of cable connection, line connector, or wire that puts a link from the equipment inside of your business to the world.

Power surges have the ability to destroy circuitry in various types of equipment in your business, delete important types of data, and disrupt the software programs that are designed to keep your business operating optimally. If power surges detrimentally impact your business, it could result in the onset of productivity downtime, losing income, and the need to replace equipment. Additionally, it has the unique ability to overload the electrical components of your business – such as phone lines, electrical panels, data cables, and phone lines. The dangerous electrical-based arcs that may occur could result in serious business-wide problems, such as fires. Even if the power surge does not reach this degree of severity it could result in the loss of power to your business.

How We Can Help
We here at Hardcore Electric offer a comprehensive line of commercial-based electrical services that focus on the design of electrical systems, the maintenance of electrical systems, and the repair of those systems. We have a full-service approach for businesses that will protect from power surges, at all costs. Our extensive experiences have resulted in our becoming the leaders in the commercial and industrial electrical industry. We may assist in providing your business with various types of surge protection devices and set ups. This will reduce the opportunity that your business will suffer from a power surge.

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