We here at Hardcore Electric in Denver are now offering both pre-made and custom UL Listed panels. An industrial control panel defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an “assembly of two or more pieces of industrial control equipment. It also comes with related control circuit devices, provided with interconnecting wiring and terminals.”

An industrial control panel (ICP) provides the ability to incorporate a minimum of two types of industrial control equipment or the circuit devices that control the equipment. It contains wiring and specially-designed terminals that provide a connection point for the equipment.

We install the UL Listed panels based on the National Electrical Code, the related electrical ratings, and other guidelines for safety. If you need these for your business or your industrial company, we offer the most competitive pricing models and a guarantee of functionality and safety.

The Benefits

The benefits of a control panel include the UL Listing specification. This symbol indicates that the control panel is certified to the safety standards outlined by North America.

These panels are designed according to the installation standards of both North America and Canada. As a result of this fact, our pre-made and custom-built control panels are accepted and approved by all municipal-based inspection professionals.

Our control panels may be built and identified for basic use and for special use.

In allowing us to contrast your control panels, your needs will be met, you will pass inspections, and you will get to have a say in how the device is constructed for your equipment.

The UL Listing Mark

UL Certified Marks

The UL Listing Mark that will be placed on the control panels that we construct here at Hardcore Electric will cover all of the basic components of the device. This includes the entire enclosure, all of the items contained within the enclosure, the pieces that are designed for the mounting of the panel, and all other features of the device. Field-provided features may be covered.

The specifications associated with the UL Listed control panels that we build here at Hardcore Electric include the following:

  • UL 508A, “The Standard for Safety of Industrial Control Panels” (The United States)
  • CSA C22.2 Number 286, “Industrial Control Panels and Assemblies” (Canada)

By opting for the control panels that we build with the UL Listing Mark, you will experience numerous advantages. These include having an advantage over your competitors that fail to obtain control panels with the UL Listing Mark, complete coverage of your panel, higher levels of efficiency in terms of operational costs, fewer issues with electrical and safety inspectors, and higher levels of safety – in terms of the productivity activities throughout your facility.

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If you are ready to create a safer more efficient work environment, contact us today to discuss our pre-made and custom-built UL Listed control panels. In addition to creating the panels that you need, we have a variety of panels that are currently in stock and ready to ship. Our custom-built pieces can be ready in six weeks or less, depending on your requirements.

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