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Thinking of buying a new home or building a new one? There are lots things to consider. One of them is new electrical installations which are deemed necessary when constructing a new building.

New electrical installations are not the job of a homeowner, maintenance worker, or an amateur electrician. The task is as complicated as drafting a blueprint for a new building. There is no easy way to do it, hence new electrical installations require the expertise of a experienced electrician. Travis from Hardcore-Electric has a track record of efficiency and quality. So if you are living within the Metro Denver area, don’t hesitate to contact Travis at 720-841-3897.

New homes need new electrical installations which involve various steps to complete. Before getting into the actual work, your Denver Electrician will draft a design for you and have it approved before implementation. New electrical installations must comply with various sets of regulations issued by National Authorities or by recognized private offices. It’s critical to consider these local constraints before drafting the design.

The New Electrical Installation Regulations 

The long awaited new Electrical Installation Regulations (not to be confused with the Wiring Code SANS 10142-1) were published in the Government Gazette on 6 March 2009. The regulations become effective on 1 May

Hire An Electrical Installer To Carry Out New Electrical Installation

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Electrical Wiring Installation Tips for Homeowners

In new installations, it’s critical that you protect your electrical wiring from new construction that isn’t in place yet. For instance, when passing new wiring through the studs that make up your walls, you’ll want to leave at least an

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