Whether you own and/or operate a senior living facility, a retail venue, a multi-housing unit, a school, or a hospital, you will find that you have an ongoing need for various types of electrical services. These may include lighting design retrofits, electrical improvements due to remodeling, routine maintenance, generator panel services, general overhauls, and/or emergency electrical support. In order to receive the maintenance, repair, and installation services that you require, you will need the services, support, and knowledge of an electrician that is certified in commercial electricity.

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A Brief Introduction

We here at Hardcore Electric specialize in residential, industrial, and commercial electrical systems. We are based in Denver, Colorado and have a personal commitment to developing a solid partnership with all clients that we service. We have a solid reputation for high-quality work and excellence in customer service. We offer24/7 emergency services, maintenance services, service calls, installation services, and disconnect/reconnect services. We specialize in both new construction and renovations. We hold a solid A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation. If you are in need of a reputable commercial electrician for your multi-unit facility, we are standing by to assist you!

Our Suite of Quality Commercial Services

We here at Hardcore Electric are fully trained, staffed, and educated in a wide variety of quality commercial services. Below, you will find details pertaining to some of the unique services we currently offer:

  • Preventive Maintenance – We currently specialize in complete diagnostics and preventive maintenance for your electrical, lighting, and security systems. In multi-unit facilities, this maintenance is required to ensure the safety of your building and those that work within it, as well as those that utilize the building and the community it is located.
  • Repairs – All electrical components eventually require repairs. It can be as small as a wiring replacement, or as large as a complete electrical system overhaul in order to meet the electrical requirements of those within the building – we offer it all and ensure quick assistance in all your repair needs.
  • Electrical Design – If you are new to multi-unit facilities or you have determined it is time for an overhaul, we are capable of assisting you in the electrical design of your facility. Not only will we provide you with efficient systems, we will provide you with solid, safe solutions that will keep your building safe and able to meet the electrical demands placed upon it.
  • Lighting Systems – All of our commercial electricians are trained in a comprehensive manner in terms of lighting systems – be it wiring, installation, remodel, repairs, or complete overhauls. We are able to assist with interior lighting, exterior lighting, and safety lighting.
  • Electrical Upgrades – If you want to reduce the environmental impact your multi-unit facility has on the environment, reduce your energy usage, eliminate costs, or simply improve the overall general efficiency of your facility, we can help!

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