If you own, operate, or manage any type of medical facility within the United States, you are required to a high level of compliance in terms of legislations, laws, policies, procedures, and guidelines. It does not matter if you are responsible for a hospital, a specially-designed trauma center, obstetrical services, provide dental services and procedures, have a nursing home, an assisted living facility, a psychiatric unit, or a physical therapy practice, you must adhere to the safety, standards, and hygiene regulations associated with the regulatory-based bodies of your given industry/practice.

One of those – and possibly the most important of all – is electrical-based standards for your facility. All medical facilities require full-service commercial electrician coverage in today’s fast-paced, technologically-advanced world.

Hospital Lights at Night

Dependence on Electrical Equipment

Regardless of what type of medical practice or service your facility offers, it is heavily dependent upon the electricity and the electrical equipment in which it houses. That is, to provide care – sometimes, critical-based or life-saving – to patients for the purpose and intent of improving one’s health, preserving life, and saving lives.

All components of the electrical equipment including its housing, the wiring, the plugs, the outlets, and even the lighting systems, security systems, and medical equipment services (such as in-house oxygen care), are all dependent upon the electrical-based components of the facility. Electrical equipment holds such a high level of importance that it is actually under heavy regulations, laws, and even scrutiny by the healthcare industry.

Electrical Components Result in Many Challenges

It does not matter if it involves the design of electrical systems, installation of such systems, maintenance, repairs, and even complete replacements of the electrical system, electrical components pose many challenges when it comes to the healthcare industry. The following outlines activities that occur at medical practices where electricity is a must:

  1. Buildings where patients may have to undergo inpatient treatments, various types of procedures, and even full surgeries.
  2. Buildings that offer life support systems to their patients.
  3. Those that offer instrumentation services and/or procedures that directly come into contact with the bloodstream of the patients and/or their internal organs.
  4. Facilities where fluids and/or hazardous materials are housed, such as oxygen, lab chemicals, and/or liquids that are considered to be flammable.

Electrical Disruptions

If your medical facility experiences any type of electrical disruption, it could prove to be dangerous to the structure and even potentially life-threatening to your patients. Due to this fact alone, you must have full-service commercial electrical services available to you at all times.

All electrical systems and associated components must be in constant working order and must adhere to strict regulations pertaining to safety. By ensuring this, you will be minimizing the potential for electrical-based hazards from occurring and are protecting the lives of all of the personnel and patients that are part of your facility.

Medical Center

Electrical System Standards

Your medical facility must meet strict standards when it comes to electrical systems. The following outlines some examples of these standard:

  • The cords that are used in your facility must meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards and be designated for hospital usage. These components undergo strict testing to ensure that they are strong, reliable, and have a high level of durability.
  • All electrical components must be tested to ensure that they are capable of performing in a safe and optimal manner.
  • All equipment must be in proper working order at all times. This is made possible through regular maintenance and check-ins by commercial electricians.

We Can Help

We here at Hardcore Electric offer full-service commercial electrician work and parts to the medical sector. We have a team of licensed and highly qualified professionals that know the standards and restrictions imposed upon medical facilities. We not only offer new electrical design, but we also offer installation, retrofit upgrades, maintenance, repairs, and complete replacements. Our services are available 24×7. You will find that our solutions are not only affordable, but are also highly affordable.

We know and understand the importance of the services that you offer your patients. We also have an appreciation for the fact that your operational facility must operate in the most efficient manner possible. The electrical load and demand are exceptionally high across medical facilities; therefore, we take that load and demand very seriously. It is easy to consult with us and make appointments. If you would like to learn more about what we offer as full-service commercial electricians, you may contact us today by calling the following number: 720-841-3897

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