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Several restaurants in the Denver area are in the stages of remodeling their interior and/or exterior to increase efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Lighting, a significant part of restaurant design, benefits from the advice of an industrial electrician Denver businesses rely on to get the job done. It’s important that lights not be so bright in the dining area that they distract customers from their meal, but allow them to comfortably read the menu. What types of lighting are considered in restaurant design?

Accent lighting emphasizes focal points in places like the waiting and bar area. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, consists of overhead fixtures, natural light, or a combination of both. It makes it simple to see other sections and people and walk comfortably through the area. Task lighting is appropriately named. It’s provided by overhead or table lamps to make it easy to read the menu or the bill when it’s presented. Dazzling fluorescent lights also fall in this category.

Set the desired mood using selective lighting. Food service managers and owners know success depends on pleasing their guests. Lighting sets the mood. Ice cream shops and family diners thrive when sunlight shines through a bevy of windows or bright light is beamed down from overhead light fixtures. The crowd enjoys the experience of good food and casual conversation. Low lights allow an intimate setting created by accent lighting.

Electrical panels and wiring are inspected before upgrades are made. Certified UL listed panel shop electricians in the Denver area know how to bring things up to code so new electric light fixtures don’t overtax the circuit breakers.  Adjust tabletop and recessed lighting to set the mood depending on the time of day the business is open. The kitchen area should have enough light to complete tasks safely with the food arranged to reflect the image you want conveyed.

The architect and electrician work together to determine a balance of natural and artificial lighting. Skylights may be a feature included in the restaurant’s new style. Appropriate lighting for patio dining in the summer may include colorful lights and electric Tiki torches. Well-placed outdoor lights send an invitation to passersby who may be looking for a unique place to eat. At the same time, safety and security is increased with small spotlights, floodlights and string lanterns that brighten walkways and the parking area. Ask customers about their opinion of the makeover, including the various lights installed to improve their dining experience.

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