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Commercial Lighting Denver Specialists Agree That Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits Are an Important Element of Energy Conservation for Businesses

It is a known fact that the economy is experiencing increasing constraints in the area of energy expenses, the availability of energy, and environmental-based regulations that are related to energy. According to research, residential and commercial buildings account for up to 40% of all energy consumption, worldwide. Surprisingly, the highest level of energy consumption surrounds the lighting associated with commercial buildings.

Many business owners are under the impression that a building must be new in order to have a high level of efficiency, but, this simply is not true. In fact, most commercial lighting Denver specialists agree that energy efficient retrofits are an important element of conservation for businesses.

If you want to save energy and contribute positively to the environment, you should ensure that your business undergoes these retrofitting procedures.

Lighting Retrofits florescentsLighting Retrofits Explained
Lighting retrofits are basically an upgrade to lamps and/or fixtures in order to optimize the energy efficiency of the lighting. A retrofit is a special process that involves the addition of new technology or special features to an already-existent lighting system.

For example, if your business incorporates the use of fluorescent lighting, a retrofit for that type of lighting is a set of hardware that is designed to alter the current fluorescent lighting fixtures in order to increase the overall efficiency of those fixtures. In most instances, a retrofit performed by a commercial lighting Denver specialist will include the brackets required, the sockets, the screws, and fasteners.

Additionally, the retrofitting may include reflectors. These parts are designed to direct light from the fixture so that it shines exactly where it is needed. The bulbs and the ballasts are also commonly included when a commercial lighting Denver specialist performs the retrofitting.

When opting for this type of project within your facility, there is no need for a shutdown. Retrofits are not considered to be disruptive to the workplace.

The Benefits of a Lighting Retrofitting
The main advantage of a lighting retrofitting is the fact that a tremendous amount of money may be saved within the business. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting contributes, positively, to the environment. Furthermore, when a commercial lighting Denver specialist performs the retrofitting, the safety of the facility is enhanced and the quality of light within the business is optimized.

Many businesses have stated that lighting retrofits have also increased productivity within the workplace. If you have a high level of satisfaction with the output and the overall layout of the existing lighting within your business, retrofitting is a cost-effective means of saving energy and money.

Retrofitting is considered to be the most cost-effective means of improving lighting. It is much cheaper than a full lighting redesign. If you choose to go with a retrofitting to save energy, you will experience a savings of as much as 50% to 75% when you compare it to the expense associated with a complete lighting redesign.

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