In the past month, millions of people in the United States have altered their lifestyle to assist in flattening the curve associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. This might be placing a high demand on electrical usage.

Elearning during Covid19 Outbreak

In an inadvertent manner, a shift is developing in terms of energy supply and the demand for energy.

On an average day where the nation is operating normally, highest electrical usage occurs in the mornings and in the evenings.

This results in operators at electrical facilities adjusting how much power is pumped into the electrical grid from various sources – such as natural gas, coal, and hydropower.

Now that people are staying at home more, all of that is changing.

Video Call During Coronavirus

The net load curve identifies when energy is used the most. This varies depending on how much the sun is shining, if there is wind or storms occurring, and how people are living.

According to research, the COVID-19 is definitely changing the net load curve and the general demand for electricity. Mornings usually make for a sharp increase for demand.

Now, that demand has been eliminated. It is occurring later in the morning hours.

In areas that utilize solar power and water to create power, the demand is staying relatively low during the morning hours.

This confirms that changes in the behaviors of people and calendar-based activities have a direct impact on the electrical grid.

The reduction in business usage has resulted in more residential use, but the grid seems to be adjusting well.

Now, on to the direct impact of the coronavirus, itself.

At the Power Authority in New York, for example, employees are escorted out of the building so that cleaning crews may come in and completely disinfect the surfaces.

In addition to this, when employees arrive for work, they are being subjected to temperature checks and asked numerous questions to ensure that they are not infected with the coronavirus.

These are essential workers. They MUST be at work and are not capable of working in a remote manner. They are “critical”.

Each plant relies heavily on a small amount of these operators that are responsible for control rooms.

Many electrical companies are starting to create backup control room centers.

This helps to split up the work of the critical core workers and reduce contact between those ever-so-important employees.

Electricity during Covid19

Energy is considered to be – by the government – a critical infrastructure.

Between demands for power and the detriment of the coronavirus, it is imperative that more backup centers and employees are put into place. This will allow companies to remain open during this national emergency and all future national emergencies.

While virus outbreaks have occurred at a few plants, the ability to deliver energy has not been negatively impacted.

To avoid the potential for electrical interruptions, all power plants across the nation should place their efforts on creating backup facilities – at least for control operators. If this starts now, we will be prepared – as a nation – for what occurs in the future.

Flattening the curve now is beneficial, but what will a potential second wave during the fall months do to our electrical infrastructure? Are we prepared? Do we want to take that chance? Likely not.

By allowing electrical technicians to develop backup systems now, we will see the “light” at the end of the proverbial “tunnel”.

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