An industrial electrician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of all electrical-based systems and devices within industrial facilities. Learn how your facility can reap many rewards by enlisting the assistance of this type of specialist.

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How Are Industrial Electricians Different?

Industrial electricians specialize in highly complex electrical systems that pull massive amounts of power. They typically install all components of the system – all the way down to the wires and outlets. Once in place, these professionals provide the maintenance on the system.

If complications arise, they conduct repairs.

Whether your industrial facility has a pre-existing system, needs a new system, or already has a system in place, an industrial electrician can assist you.

Skills and Requirements

There are many skills and requirements necessary for industrial electrician work. First, these professionals must have high logical and reasoning skills. They must be able to think critically in order to determine the root cause of issues that they are faced with.

Additionally, they must be able to effectively read and understand various types of schematics and blueprints. They must have a comprehensive understanding of all electrical components, features, and parts.

These electricians must also have the ability to work with various diagnostic devices and a variety of tools so that they may properly install and service electrical parts and components. The professional must also be able to read and follow diagrams that cover circuits and wiring.

The expertise needed for an industrial electrician is highly extensive and very specific. To start with, these professionals will need to complete an apprenticeship that covers – at the minimum – 144 hours of classroom training and 2,000 hours in on-the-job training.

In most instances, the professional will need a special license to practice within their state; however, this license is not required in all states.

Regardless of whether or not a license is required, each state does have a list of specifications that must be met prior to the industrial electrician being able to perform their work within that state. Industrial electricians have the capability of working alone and as part of a team.

Types of Jobs We Cover

Here at Hardcore Electric, our industrial electricians are trained, skilled, and highly knowledgeable in a wide assortment of jobs. We are capable of doing new electrical systems on newly constructed industrial facilities, remodels, and additions.

We handle generator panels, UPS systems, and security systems. We wire, perform maintenance on, and repair machines. If needed, we test and troubleshoot industrial electrical systems. We also handle wiring for telephone, networks, and data.

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Safety First

When running an industrial facility, it is important to ensure the safety of both the building and those that work within that facility. An industrial electrician will make certain that everyone and everything within your facility is safe. No job is too small or too large. If you are ready for electrical installation, maintenance, or repair, contact us today by clicking the following link:

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