Industrial Electrical Safety TipsThere are several industrial electrical safety tips that must be known and followed in order to reduce the possibility of workplace injuries. According to statistics, electrical-based hazards account for well over 300 electrocutions and approximately 4,000 different injuries within the workplace on an annual basis. Not only do these injuries detrimentally disrupt the lives of those affected, but they also detrimentally impact the overall productivity level of the company where they occurred. Electrical-based hazards are not considered to be the leading cause of injuries that happen in the workplace, they are considered to be potentially fatal and extremely costly.

In the past decade, nearly 50,000 workers have experienced injuries as a result of an electrical hazard that occurred in the workplace. In researching these injuries, it has been established that the complications are not isolated to just one type of industry. Additionally, it has been confirmed that most of the accidents could have been avoided. Companies should enforce the awareness of electrical hazards. This is a crucial step in preventing accidents and avoiding workplace injuries. Employers should promote the overall importance of electrical safety on a regular basis to reduce workplace accidents. Industrial electrical safety tips should be provided to employees on a regular basis to all of those that work with and/or around equipment that is energized.

Based on studies, it has been determined that twice an hour, at least two people are injured in the workplace as a result of electricity. The injuries are typically so severe that time off from the position is required for recovery. The recovery process is often painful and extremely slow. The organization known as the “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” has developed a wide range of electrical standards. These are designed to ensure that employees that are exposed to industrial electrical dangers are protected. These dangers include, but, are not limited to, electrical shocks, fires, electrocution, and explosions.

One of the most common regulations put into place by this organization are lockout/tag out activities. According to OSHA, approximately 3 million individuals engage in these activities on a daily basis. Most of the people that perform these activities fail to do so in a safe and professional manner. As a result, many accidents pertaining to electricity occur. This is considered one of the most violated procedures with OSHA each and every single year. Other violations that result in injuries that directly pertain to industrial electrical work include methods involving electrical wiring and basic general electricity requirements.

If you own or operate a company, it is imperative that you implement industrial electrical guidelines to properly protect your employees. You should only allow trained industrial electricians to maintain and service the equipment within the facility. Those that are not trained and/or certified should not be permitted near around energized electrical components. If you would like to enlist the assistance of certified professionals to maintain, operate, and repair your energized industrial electrical components, be sure to contact us here at Hardcore Electric today by calling: 720-841-3897

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