industrial-electric-work-motor-repairIndustrial electric work companies know and understand the costs that occur when a plant or other industrial-based setting experiences downtime as a result of a motor complication. The motor is the key component when it comes to industrial production electrical systems. It is imperative to maximize the overall reliability and functionality of a motor because it results in the highest level of financial-based benefits to plant owners and operators, due to increased productivity. To aid in the performance of all the motors that are part of the industrial setting, it is vital to optimize the reliability of those motors through monitoring, properly maintaining the components, and repairing the units, on a regular basis.

Motor Monitoring

In industrial electric work, there are now machines that are designed to actually monitor the motors in the industrial setting. These are most often referred to as “forecasters”. Basically, these are computerized units that attach to a motor and provide statistical-based information on the life that remains in the motor and provides notice on the probably complications and failures that may occur with the motor. This monitoring device has the capability of analyzing data regarding the history of the motor in order to provide future expectations of its performance. Monitoring devices in industrial electric work assist in helping plants proactively plan for the maintenance and repair of their motors, reduces the amount of downtime that is experienced, and improves the overall efficiency of the management of assets in the industrial environment.

Motor Maintenance

Industrial electric work technicians provide a wide array of motor maintenance services that will optimize the productivity level of your plant. These professionals specialize in high-quality AC electric service and DC electric service for motors. They also provide service equipment from manufacturers, including motors that are designed to be used in special types of applications. By diligently testing and inspecting all components of your motors and servicing the motors based on the findings, the productivity levels in your industrial-based plant will be thoroughly optimized.

Motor Repair

Industrial electric work professionals are highly trained to repair all of the motors and/or the components of the motors that are part of your plant. Most repairs may be avoided by ensuring regular maintenance; however, should an issue occur, prompt attention is necessary. The industrial electric work technician has the skill, knowledge, and expertise to perform the following tasks:

  • Analyze Motor Failures and Run Diagnostic Reports
  • Rebuild Industrial Motors
  • Rewind Stators
  • Manufacturer Motor Coils
  • Upgrade the Insulation Systems of a Motor
  • Impregnate the Motor with Vacuum Pressure
  • Replace Any and All Motor Parts
  • Uninstall Old Motors and Install New Motors
  • Integrate Management Programs for Equipment
  • Provide Field Engineering Services, On-Site
  • Provide Emergency Repair Services


If you own and/or operate a plant, it is important to ensure that all the motors within your plant are functioning at full capacity, at all times. One of the best ways to do this is to enlist the assistance of an industrial electric work team. This team will be able to provide your plant with a wide array of monitoring options, maintenance options, and repair services that are designed to keep your plant in full operation, eliminate down-time, and increase productivity levels. If you are ready to team up with a highly-reputable, top-quality industrial work team, contact Hardcore Electric today by calling: 720-841-3897.

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