industrial control panels

Industrial control panels are a special type of assembly that contains at least two power circuits, control circuits, or a combination of both, as outlined by the NEC section numbered 409.2.

Those that are covered directly by the UL product category outlined as “NITW” are factory-based wired assemblies that control equipment in the industrial environment. Examples include switches, auxiliary devices, and motor controllers.

These types of industrial control panels may include a means of disconnecting that which it is powering, as well as a protective device of the branch-circuit. These types of control panels are designed for industrial applications that are identified as “general use”.

It is not at all uncommon to find that these control panels control heating devices, the lighting within a structure, and/or the motors within the facility. There are industrial control panels that are designed for the purpose and intent of controlling specific types of equipment.

Examples include cranes, machinery utilized in the industrial setting, equipment that controls refrigeration, and even pumps.

Industrial Control Panels

The NITW industrial control panel category has three main types of identities. These are identified as “Industrial Control Panel Enclosure”, “Enclosed Industrial Control Panel”, and “Open Industrial Control Panel”. The following outlines a brief description of each of these identities:

  1. Industrial Control Panel Enclosures – These types of enclosures are typically investigated to ensure that the unit complies with the construction-based requirements as outlined in the UL 508A. These are not investigated with the electrical components in place; therefore, once the components have been added, they will need to be re-evaluated by the AHJ that is the head over that field.
  2. Enclosed Industrial Control Panels – These types of electrical control panels include the enclosure, the electrical components within, as well as the items that are used to mount to the walls or to simply close in the panel. These are investigated to ensure that they pose no electrical fire hazard or any type of shock hazard. They are not reviewed for their unique ability to effectively control electrical equipment.
  3. Open Industrial Control Panels – These control panels include wiring, terminals, and various other types of components, as well as mounting devices attached to a subpanel that do not include a complete enclosure. The enclosure that is included with this type of industrial control panel is only intended to be a part of the overall installation.

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