industrial control panels

industrial control panels

An industrial control panel is a device that is designed to operate at less than 600V. It may include a power circuit or a control circuit, or, a combination of both. The control circuit of the unit aids in providing the signals that are necessary to direct the overall performance of the equipment that is being controlled; however, it does not carry the main supply of power and it does not include the equipment that is being controlled. When an industrial control is placed within a panel, it means that it is in or mounted on a special type of enclosure or a subpanel product. This guide will provide a brief overview of industrial control panels. If you require additional information on these products, Hardcore Electric is standing by to assist you. Contact information will be included at the conclusion of this guide.

Purpose and Intent
The purpose and intent of an industrial control panel is to have a specially-designed junction box for wiring and/or electrical systems. The organization known as the NEC covers this in 409.104(A). In order to use this type of control panel it is imperative that you designate a large amount of ample space for the endeavor. While it is true that this type of unit may complicate the tasks of maintaining a wiring and/or control system for electrical equipment, it is one of the most common methods of preserving and safely storing wiring and similar types of electrical components.

Selecting an Industrial Control Panel and Determining Spacing Needs
When you opt for an industrial control panel for the purpose and intent of optimizing the functionality and safety of your equipment, you must start by selecting an enclosure that is based on the environment which the panel will be placed. It is important to ensure that you have allotted a large enough space for the installation and placement of the wires. You must make certain that these wires are routed properly and safely. You must also consider the bend radii of the wires. Additionally, you must consider the fact that space must be allotted for the testing and maintenance of your equipment. When selecting an industrial control panel and determining the placement of such a device, it is imperative that you work with a certified electrician to make certain that no mistakes are made.

Determining the Supply Conductors
The next step that must be made when choosing an industrial control panel is determining the supply conductors of the unit. This may be very challenging. For this reason, you should obtain the help of a certified electrician technician to help. This professional will determine the current load of all of the resistive loads by special calculations, add to determine the highest-rated type of motor, and add this figure to the motors and other apparatus that is to be connected to the industrial control panel.

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