If you own or operate a newly established industrial business, it is imperative that you learn about industrial control cabinets. Continue reading to learn about these electrical devices and how our industrial control cabinets can benefit your company.

Industrial Control Cabinets

Industrial control cabinets are a special type of assembly that includes at least two individual power-based components. These may be power circuits, control circuits, or a combination of both. Included within these are switches, transformers, blocks for terminals, devices that protect from excess currents, motor drives, contactors, and similar components.

Electricity is really just organized lightning….” – George Carlin

Industrial control cabinets are identified as being “open” or “enclosed”. Those cabinets that are classified as being “open” are those that are installed prior to connecting electrical service. Those cabinets that are classified as being “enclosed” are placed indoors and have numerous rating systems associated with them. Furthermore, these may be utilized in particular classified regions due to possessing a special certification.

Our industrial control cabinet shop permits the manufacturing of these special electrical devices for industrial businesses. In addition to being constructed, each industrial control cabinet receives a special UL certification during the design and creation process. These certifications are considered immensely popular and highly credible when it comes to industrial electrical needs within the country. By possessing UL industrial control cabinets in your business, you will find that you are more revered and respected within your given industry.

There are many distinct advantages to utilizing our UL industrial control cabinets in your business. These include the following:

  1. These specially-designed cabinets provide you with a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry. They may aid in general electrical usage, support industrial-based machinery, provide effective control for elevator units, power up HVAC systems, control irrigation pieces, provide control for cranes, flame control, and devices that are similar in nature.
  2. Our industrial control cabinets offer a higher level of efficiency for your business and are approved 100% of the time.
  3. All requirements are set forth by inspectors are covered with our industrial control cabinet units. This includes the National Electrical Code, wiring protection, the protection requirements of the motor, all safety standards, and more!
  4. Our cabinets have an increased level of sourcing when it comes to individual components.
  5. We provide the training, tools, and resources necessary to your personnel so that our industrial control cabinets may be understood, operated, and properly maintained.

If you are opening a new business or have an established industrial-based business, we here at Hardcore Electric can help! We not only offer the industrial control cabinets outlined in this guide, but we also offer new construction electric, high voltage jobs, the testing and troubleshooting of electrical components, UPS systems, security system, the wiring and the repair of industrial machinery, commercial lighting, wiring associated with telephone, company data, and networks, and several other unique services and products.

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