If you run a commercial or industrial business, it’s important to integrate surge protection for your electrical system and all components of that system.

While it is true that surges naturally occur in all forms of electrical currents, it is essential to understand that these surges may result in an immense amount of damage to susceptible and sensitive electrical and electronic devices.

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In this guide, you will learn the top 3 reasons why surge protection is critical.

1: Most Power Surges Happen Due to Load Demands within a Business

A power surge is a very fast voltage spike that happens when the current experiences an instantaneous boost. External factors do exist, such as electrical grid switching and lightning, but that’s not the usual case.

Over 60% of all surges come from an internal load demand within a building.

Examples of these may include lighting systems activating or deactivating, motors within machines turning on and off, and/or load pressures stemming from large machinery.

By integrating surge protection within your facility, you can avoid experiencing machinery breakdowns, fire hazards, and hefty repair costs.

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2: Damage from Electric Surges Can Result in High Levels of Expense for Your Business

According to statistics, issues stemming from power surges and other electrical issues cost various companies throughout the United States an estimated $80 billion, annually.

If you fail to integrate surge protection within your business, you are likely to generate a massive amount of expenses for your business. These include the costs associated with repairing equipment, shorter lifespans of equipment, and loss of productivity.

Additionally, power surges may result in electrical-based accidents and cause injuries to those that work within your business.

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3: Power Surges May Result in Unplanned Downtime and Loss of Productivity

If a power surge occurs and it results in damage to your equipment or other aspects of your electrical system, it is quite likely that you will suffer from unplanned downtime and a general loss of productivity.

If electrical issues occur, you will need to ensure that everything is safe prior to allowing your employees to continue their work. If it has rendered your machinery inoperable, you will be required to have that evaluated and fixed.

Additionally, it could damage other components in your business – be it the products that you create, file saving computer systems, and/or your industrial control panels.

We Specialize in Surge Protection

We here at Hardcore Electric know and understand the complications that may arise from power surges in the industrial or commercial business setting. Our team of electricians are trained to ensure that your business is operating smoothly and safely.

If you do not have a power surge protection system in place, we can assist you! In addition to this, if you are in need of repairs due to a power surge, we have the expertise to get you back up and running. For more information, contact us today.

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