electricial contractorSuccessfully choosing a highly-qualified electrical contractor for your business may prove to be an exceptionally challenging endeavor. First, you should remember that all electrical contractors are specialists. Prior to initiating your search, you need to ensure that you know – exactly – what it is that you need from the specialist.

Once the need has been identified, you may then start your search. Technical proficiency is an absolute must. The two main aspects to any type of electrical-based installation, maintenance job, or repair process is a high level of knowledge in electrical installation, electrical safety standards, and skills in the reliability of electrical systems.

All electrical contractors must be capable of following all of the standards in both electrical safety and electrical quality.

In this brief guide, you will learn how to identify an electrical contractor that has a high level of technical proficiency.

The National Electrical Code™

The National Electrical Code™ – which is commonly referred to as the “NEC”, for short – is the national safety standard that pertains directly to electricity and electrical work. This standard has been widely adopted by a multitude of businesses, organizations, and even authorities that specialize in building, zoning, and inspections on the local level, the state level, and the federal level.

When choosing an electrical contractor, it is imperative to opt for those that knows, understands, and complies with the policies, procedures, and standards as set forth by the NEC.

The National Electrical Installation Standards™

The National Electrical Installation Standards™ is a publication that is created, designed, and released by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This association prides itself as being the “voice of the electrical construction industry”. These standards aid in establishing a high level of quality when it comes to the installation of all electrical-based systems and individual products.

To date, there are a total of 20 different standards in place. These cover lighting, equipment that is designed for distribution, as well as panelboards. When searching for electrical contractors, opt for those that follow these standards. Not only will this ensure optimal reliability of your electrical components, but, this will ensure that the contractor has a very high level of technical proficiency.

The National Electrical Contractors Association’s Education and Training

The final step to determining the technical proficiency of the electrical contractor that you are considering employing involved determining if they have received their education and training through the National Electrical Contractors Association.

The education and training offered through the NECA is challenging, exceptional, and comprehensive. All electrical contractors that successfully complete the education and training courses offered through the association will have an immense degree of technical expertise and proficiency.

In most instances, contractors will be required to complete an apprentice program that includes at least 1,000 hours in the classroom and approximately 8,000 hours in the field.

When opting for an electrical contractor, you must place a special emphasis on evaluating the professional’s reputation, their level of reliability, and career stability.

By following the guidelines outlined here, you will be able to immediately recognize a technically proficient contractor. Hardcore Electric employs only the most thoroughly trained and technically proficient technicians. All of our contractors have made a large financial investment and a commitment to aiding local businesses, organizations, and companies with their electrical needs.

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