industrial-automationHow to Find the Best Industrial Automation Electrical Contractor for Your Business

Selecting a qualified industrial automation electrical contractor for your business may prove to be a challenging endeavor; however, it is not an impossible task. As you likely already know, each electrical contractor has a unique specialty. Before reaching out and attempting to discover a contractor that will be suited to assist in the needs of your business, you must first identify the unique needs of your business. For example, do you require specialized systems such as security and communications? Are you concerned about any conditions within your business that could potentially be dangerous? Are you seeking to uniquely automate the various tasks associated with your business? By outlining your needs, you will find that it is much easier to discover what type of industrial automation electrical contractor that you require. Once your needs are identified, you may continue reading this guide on how to discover the best industrial automation electrical contractor.

Technical Proficiency

When searching for an industrial automation electrical contractor, you must first consider the technical proficiency of the company or individual that you have an interest in employing. There are two essential considerations when opting for a contractor for your business. First, the individual or company must practice the highest standard of electrical safety. Second, they must specialize in reliability, as it pertains to electrical systems. A contractor must not only perform the work that is required by your business, but, they must follow the officially recognized standards associated with both safety and quality. The contractor should be thoroughly trained, hold the proper licensing, and place a high emphasis on safety. The better the technical proficiency; the better the contractor.


The next step in identifying an industrial automation electrical contractor is determining their reputation. You must not only choose a contractor that is backed financially, but, you must find one that has a positive reputation. These individuals typically take their commitment to the community in which they serve very seriously and know the importance of providing sound customer service and detailed work. You should inquire about references. Once obtained, you should research those references thoroughly.

Warranty and Insurance Coverage

When searching for an industrial automation electrical contractor, it is imperative that you inquire about any and all warranties associated with their work and the type of insurance coverage that will be provided to your business. Once you have a verbal understanding of the warranty and coverage offered by the contractor, the professional should put the information in writing. In addition to this, it is always beneficial to obtain a written statement that outlines the work that will be performed for your business and to obtain a detailed copy of the insurance certificate that the contractor possesses.


Your business is your livelihood. In today’s world of advancing and innovative technologies, more and more companies are opting for industrial automation. Your company should be no different; however, you should not trust just any contractor with your needs. You need a professional that has a high level of technical expertise, one that has a solid reputation, one that offers a warranty on their work, and one that is backed with the proper insurance company. By ensuring that your contractor meets all of these criteria, you may rest assured that you are in the right hands. Contact Hardcore Electric today for more information on available contractor services by calling 720-841-3897.

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