House Electrical WiringObtaining and installing a new hot tub is an exciting endeavor; however, the house electrical wiring involved in the process may prove to be exceptionally challenging. This is especially true if you have little to no experience in electrical work. Household electrical wiring has the potential to be extremely dangerous – especially when water is involved. This activity carries a high risk of unexpected shock, as well as electrocution. Both of these issues could result in serious injuries and even death. If you have a new hot tub, you should designate these tasks to a licensed electrician that has experience in house electrical wiring. The information contained in this guide will provide brief instructions on household electrical wiring for your new hot tub. If you lack experience, or do not feel comfortable in performing this work, you should contact a professional for assistance.

Spa Circuit Warning

Prior to initiating any house electrical wiring for your new hot tub, it is imperative that you make certain that the spa circuit in place within the home’s service panel is completely powered down. This particular circuit should always be turned off so that no power is running to it when inspections are being performed, wiring is being tended to, and/or repairs are being performed. It is also important to know and understand that if the hot tub is not wired properly, it could result to direct damage to your hot tub. If this happens, it could result in the manufacturer’s warranty being voided.

Electrical Service Load Calculations

Before initialing the installation of your new hot tub and engaging in the house electrical wiring, you must first establish that the electric service contained within your home is able to handle the load of such a device. Many are under the impression that the total of the amps associated with all of the circuit breakers present in an electrical panel must not go over the panel’s amp rating; however, this is a common misconception. The capacity of the electrical service panel in your home is determined by the load calculations. The capacity should never be determined by the size of the panel or the number of breakers that are located within a service panel.

Household Electrical Wiring Basics for a 240 Volt Hot Tub

If you are installing a 240 volt hot tub in your home, you must start the process by having a circuit in place that has the ability to meet the product’s load requirements, or, its amperage. The load requirements may be found in the owner manual of your hot tub. Essentially, this means that the breaker referred to as the “feeder breaker”, which will be located in the service panel of your home, must be the appropriate size and that the GFCI breaker located in the home’s disconnect panel must be at least that size or, possibly, larger. The three main components of the house electrical wiring for a hot tub include three components; the house service panel or breaker box, the GFCI disconnect unit, and the control box for the hot tub.


Now that you have a bit of knowledge about the household electrical wiring for your new hot tub, you should read the owner’s manual for specifics pertaining to the actual installation of the wires that are part of the unit. If you lack experience in house electrical wiring, you should obtain assistance from a licensed electrician. One of the highest-rated electricians that have the capability of wiring a home for a new hot tub is the company called Hardcore Electric. Not only are the technicians highly knowledgeable about wiring hot tubs, but, they are efficient and offer the most competitive prices. Call today for your quote: 720-841-3897

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