The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the development of a “new normal”. While it is true that we have come a long way, it is also true that we have a long way to go. We are all experiencing changes. While many may only be temporary, there are some that may prove to be permanent.

Regardless of the fact that a potentially deadly virus is sweeping through the world, there are still situations that will arise in our lives that must be handled. If you own or operate a business, one of these situations may be the need to employ a commercial electrician.

The question is, just how do you go about hiring an electrician during a pandemic? Continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Hiring an Electrician

Confirm Licensing

While it is true that you should always only enlist the assistance of a commercial electrician that is licensed, it is even more imperative now. The goal is to limit the number of people that enter into your business and to only allow those with the knowledge, skills, and resources that are necessary to perform the job.

Additionally, if something were to go wrong, you will want to make certain that the work is covered and insured.

By confirming that the company is licensed to perform commercial electrical work in your building, you are not only protecting your finances, but you are also protecting your business.

It is quite likely that your business is already taking some type of hit from the pandemic.

The last thing you need is for more issues to arise that could have been completely avoided.

Inquire about Precautions

The CDC has issued numerous guidelines that help prevent the spread of the coronavirus that is currently plaguing the world.

If you must hire a commercial electrician at this time, it is critical that you inquire about the precautions that are being taken by those that work for the company that you are looking to hire.

For example, you could inquire about the steps that they are taking to ensure that their technicians are healthy, if any of the individuals has recently experienced a sickness, and if they are taking the necessary steps to deep clean and sanitize the tools, trucks, and other types of equipment that they use in the field.

By only hiring the precautious, you are protecting yourself, your business, and those that frequent your business – be it employees or customers.

Star Reviews

Review the Reviews

The next step that you should take when hiring a commercial electrician is reviewing their reviews.

Are other businesses satisfied with their work? Do others feel comfortable working with the company during the COVID-19 pandemic? Is the company honest and do they seem to exhibit a high level of integrity?

There are a lot of people being taken advantage of during this time of crisis. By reviewing the reviews of the commercial electrician, you can tell a lot about how the company operates.

If you need a resourceful, knowledgeable commercial electrician, we here at Hardcore Electric can assist you. We are licensed, taking precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, and are highly reputable. To learn more about the services that we offer, contact us today by calling: 720-841-3897

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