hardcore-electric-logoWe here at Hardcore Electric specialize in allowing you to maximize your electrical-based investments by ensuring that all of our design processes focus on safety. When it comes to designing an operational facility, electrical safety is quickly becoming a highly predominate part of the procedure. In some instances, you must work to make the best of the electrical equipment that you have in place. In other instances, you may have the flexibility of designing the electrical-based equipment in such a way that it optimizes the safety of all those that work within your facility. Numerous advancements exist that make it possible to either modify your existing equipment for safety or buy brand new equipment – the choice is yours! Hardcore Electric is here to help!

Existing Equipment
There are many ways that you may modify your existing equipment in order to bring it up to safety codes. The following outlines a few of the most popular strategies:

  1. If you would like to enhance a machine to include an infrared scan, you may add an infrared window. This type of window/scan may be used to quickly and easily engage in any type of retrofit upgrade to current machinery in your facility.
  2. If you would like to easily check the voltage of your machinery on a visual basis or with a voltage detector, you may add an external-based voltage detector onto your machines. This allows lockouts and tagouts to be performed without having to suit up in protective clothing.
  3. Remote operation of machinery and breakers is a modification to current equipment that permits personnel to open and close equipment from a distance that does not result in immediate harm.

New Equipment
In addition to modifying old equipment for safety, new equipment may be purchased to optimize the safety of your operations. New equipment permits you to engage in remote monitoring, operation practices, and troubleshooting without the hassle of opening potentially dangerous electrical equipment. Live equipment poses many hazards in the industrial and/or commercial setting. Examples of the new types of equipment include switchgears that may be cranked out, crank out MCCs, Arc-Rated switchgears, and more!

Safety should be the number one concern in commercial and industrial settings. Many facilities make the mistake of placing productivity as the number one concern; however, if your employees become harmed or injured while engaging in electrical work or while working with electrical-based machinery, productivity will be lower and costs will be increased. You should consistently strive to incorporate the safest machinery and processes in your business. We here at Hardcore Electric will help you maximize your electrical-based investments by ensuring that your facility is operating in the absolute safest manner possible. By contacting us today, you will find that you experience fewer safety-related complications tomorrow. It does not matter if you operate a commercial –based business or an industrial-based business; we are standing by to assist you. Simply call us today at: 720-841-3897

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