hardcore-electricHardcore Electric is now considered an Underwriters Laboratories Certified Industrial Control Panel Shop. In simple terms, we now possess the unique ability to manufacture control panels for industrial equipment and industrial-based machinery that be sold within both the United States and Canada. The custom panels that we have the capability of creating are nationally recognized by all of the unique jurisdictions that include a UL label. The safety marks associated with this form of certification is considered to be among the most credible within the nation. Additionally, this certification is the most sought after form within North America and Canada. When companies and individuals observe this certification mark on panels, they know and understand that they are high in quality.

There are numerous advantages associated with working with us now that we have obtained the certification necessary to be considered an Underwriters Laboratories Certified Industrial Control Panel Shop. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • We are now fully capable of providing you with UL certified-based general use products, machinery for your industrial setting, controls for your elevators, various types of service equipment, refrigeration equipment pieces, air conditioner equipment products, fountain-based controls, and a wide assortment of products that are similar in nature that require UL Certification.
  • This certification expresses the fact that we are now able to successfully confirm to the “National Electrical Code”, as well as the “Canadian Electrical Code”. We know how to properly use various types of electrical components, understand the environmental ratings associated with different types of enclosures, know how to protect motors and wirings, and how to practice the highest level of industrial and electrical-based safety.
  • By being Underwriters Laboratories Certified, you no longer have to worry about the challenges and complications associated with the often-troublesome “red-tagged” panels. The costs and the delays of such panels is now 100% eliminated!
  • By using Hardcore Electric, which is Underwriters Laboratories Certified, you will have a much higher level of flexibility when choosing your company’s sourcing components because you may now choose from CSA certified pieces, as well as the standard UL certified components for your panel needs.
  • Our technicians are thoroughly trained through many different forms of technical-based training, a variety of workshops, and many types of advisory services. Regardless of the individual needs that your business has, we are now able to deliver. We may meet any and all electrical based requirements that your business has, and more!

Underwriters Laboratories Certified

We welcome you to try out our services offered here at Hardcore Electric. Now that we have the Underwriters Laboratories Certified label, the tasks and components that we are able to pass to you, our customers, has grown immensely. We are fully committed to assist you in all stages of your business development and we strive to provide you with only the highest-quality products, parts, and services!

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