The GFCI outlet offers protection that must be present in all new homes, according to the National Electric Code (NEC).

gfci outlet

“GFCI” stand for “ground fault circuit interrupter”. This is a device that is designed to immediately break the circuit at any point where there is an unsafe imbalance between the incoming electrical current and the outgoing electrical current.

This allows for optimal protection of the electrical wiring and the various electrical receptacles. It prevents overheating and the development of fire. Additionally, it helps to reduce the risk associated with electrical shock and burns that may prove to be fatal.

The GFCI helps to appropriately detect faults with the electrical ground.

If discovered, the electrical current is immediately disrupted, but, it does not protect against electrical overload or short circuits in the electrical system.

If you are having a new home built, you will require the integration and installation of the GFCI by a professional electrician.

How Does the GFCI Outlet Function?

The GFCI is placed within an electrical outlet, where it has the task of consistently monitoring the flow of electricity. It monitors in real-time.

It will include a total of three holes.

Two are for the hot wire and the neutral wire and the third is for the ground wire. If fluctuations occur that are abnormal, the flow of power will be cut off.

This helps to ensure that no fires are started and the electricity throughout the remainder of the home is safe. These are typically placed near water sources. However, they may be placed around other areas, too.

How Does it Interrupt the Power Flow?

If flow abnormalities are found, the GFCI will trip to stop the flow of electrical current. This means that it stops functioning. These types of outlets need to be tested and maintained on a regular basis by a professional electrician to ensure that they are operating normally.

In some instances, it may trip because of complications with the outlet, itself. Examples of issues that may occur include an accumulation of dust, wiring that has deteriorated, or insulation that has become worn out. The outlet or outlets in your new home should be tested each month. They should be replaced at least once every ten years.

The Benefits of GFCI Outlets

There are many distinct benefits associated with having GFCI outlets installed throughout your new home. These include preventing the experience of an electrical shock or electrocution, detecting ground faults to prevent or avert potentially fatal fires, avoiding damage to electrical appliances and products, and protecting the overall integrity of your new home.

We here at Hardcore Electric possess the knowledge and skills to install, maintain, and replace GFCI outlets in older homes, new homes, and businesses. If you would like to ensure your safety, the safety of your loved ones, and the safety of your home, simply contact us today for a consultation regarding the integration of GFCI outlets in your home

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