Generator maintenance is essential to ensure the smooth operation of your business during power outages.

Generator systems – used for prime or emergency power – are a critical component to the successful operation of your business. To ensure that these systems provide optimal power throughout their service life, regular maintenance is essential. Should a power outage occur, your business may continue to smoothly operate. While this guide is geared towards those businesses that depend on generators as a backup power source, the information contained here is also beneficial for those businesses that utilize generators for a prime source of power – such as facilities or temporary job sites. Continue reading to learn more.

Commercial Generator
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Lifespan Information

A standard generator that is utilized for standby purposes typically has a lifespan of as little as 10,000 hours to as much as 50,000 hours. These systems usually operate approximately 26 to 30 hours a year for weekly tests and small spurts of electrical outages.

If many power outages occur in the area where your business is located, these systems may operate several hundred hours each year. Generally speaking, if a generator is well maintained, it will usually last about three decades.

Scheduled Maintenance

Most generators – regardless of what they are powered by – should be regularly scheduled. Of course, the amount of maintenance that should be scheduled is based on many different factors.

Examples of these include the number of hours the system is in operation each year, if it is in an area that has a severe environment (such as high levels of humidity and extreme temperatures), and what all the unit powers when it is in use.

The maintenance should initiate with an inspection. Then, the following systems – which are considered to be exceptionally critical – should be explored, inspected, and tested:

  • The Fuel System
  • The Lubrication System
  • The Coolant System
  • The System for Starting the Unit
  • The Air System
  • The Transfer Switch on the Unit
  • The Alternator and Associated Components

In most instances, you should schedule generator inspections every single month. If the unit is used minimally, a comprehensive maintenance visit should be performed once every three to six months.

If the generator is used for a prolonged period of time – such as during a natural disaster or extended power outage in the area – the unit should be immediately inspected and standard maintenance should be performed.

Why a Generator is Crucial

A generator is crucial to your business for many reasons. Power outages may occur for many different reasons. If disruptions occur in the power to your business, the following issues may arise:

  1. The electrical components of your business may become damaged – including any machinery and equipment that you use in your business. As a result, costly repairs may need to be done.
  2. If the appliances, machines, or the IT system in your business is interrupted due to a power loss, this could cause complications and inconveniences to you, your employees, and the customers that you service.
  3. When the power goes out, your business will experience downtown and may suffer from monetary-based losses – none of which is productive.
  4. The data and information that you store on electrical components may become damaged or lost when a power outage occurs.
  5. If you have an internal server, your online business affairs may become interrupted. This, too, leads to downtime and monetary losses.

It does not matter if you have a facility that specializes in manufacturing, a corporation, a retail store, a restaurant, a workshop, or any other type of business, your electrical supply must be consistent.

A generator is the only system that will ensure that you have a steady stream of power. If you fail to have your generator inspected and maintained, it could fail.

The only way to guarantee a consistent stream of electricity in your business is to have a reliable backup generator in place that is taken care of on a regular basis.

Why Should I Invest in Professional Generator Maintenance?

The following outlines why you should ensure that you invest in an electrical technician to conduct generator maintenance for your business:

  1. The first and most important reason is that if you have a working generator, it ensures continuity in the operations of your business. If the regular power goes out, the generator will kick in right away and start supplying you with a backup power source.
  2. Generators that are in place may experience fuel problems if they are not properly maintained. Examples of these issues include fuel injectors that become clogged and a buildup of compounds in the fuel system that may impact the overall integrity of the generator. Not only will these issues cause problems in overall functionality, they may easily transition into a fire hazard – which could negatively impact both the building that your business is in and the employees and customers that frequent that business.
  3. You can minimize the amount of business losses you incur and the amount you spend on repairs by simply having your generator maintained on a regular basis. By investing a little in inspections and maintenance on your business generator, you are truly maximizing your total return on investment. Additionally, it helps in ensuring that the generator your business uses operates in the most efficient manner possible – which saves you additional money!

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