Imagine your business. It is an average, ordinary day. Your employees are buzzing with an exceptional level of productivity. They are staying on task. Your products are quickly being manufactured. Suddenly -without any indication or prior warning – the entire building goes dark. You have no lights. Your machinery is inoperable. There is no internet access. Do you have a standby power source as an emergency backup in case of a power outage? If not, now is the time. Purchase and install a generator immediately. Once you do, set up a generator maintenance plan. Failure to do so could result in your still experiencing issues in the future should a power failure occur.

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Power Outages are Inconvenient and Costly

If you experience a power outage and your generator has not been properly maintained, it is likely that it will fail – leaving your business in the dark and the sounds of productivity a distant memory. Only silence will remain. Everything you are working for immediately halts – including your profits. It could be a blown transformer, high winds, a severe storm, a heat wave, a rolling blackout – it does not matter.

There is no way to predict power outages or their cause; however, one thing you can be sure of is this.

With a properly maintained backup generator, what could be hours, days, or even weeks with no power instantly transitions to mere seconds.

Every single second your business is without power is a second that is costing your business. Your product lines will cease operation. Your production levels will grind to a halt. Machinery and other components could become damaged. You are unable to get your products to your customers. In a split second, you have gone from a productive, profitable business to one that is quickly accumulating debt. Lack of productivity will result in employee and customer dissatisfaction.

It only takes an instant for your reputation – your brand – to be on the line. Do not subject yourself to this. Once you have that generator installed, create a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to ensure that it does not fail you when you need it most.

What Are the Main Problems a Power Outage Could Cause in a Business?

There are MANY problems that may be incurred as a result of a power outage. This is especially true when it comes to a business. The following outlines the main problems a power disruption could cause your company:

  1. The machinery and other equipment in your business could become damaged due to the surges that often accompany a power outage. As a result, you could find yourself spending thousands on repairs and/or replacements.
  2. Your production line will go down and come to a complete stop. As a result, you will immediately start to suffer from monetary losses.
  3. Information and data that you have stored on electronic devices and/or in electronic file systems could experience such immense levels of damage that it is all lost – without a trace.
  4. Due to the lack of electrical components – such as standard lighting and emergency lighting – your employees are at a high risk of slipping, tripping, falling, and experiencing some other type of injury which may prove to be extremely costly for your company.
  5. Both your employees and your customers experience a high level of inconvenience due to the inoperable components and non-functioning IT system that you have in place.
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Why Should a Business Invest in a Regular Maintenance Plan for Their Generator System?

You may think that having a generator for your business is enough. Truth be told, it may be for a year or so; however, it is critical that you have a regular maintenance plan in place for that generator system. The following outlines several reasons why you should invest in this type of plan:

  1. If your business experiences loss of power, it is imperative that you have a standby backup system to ensure that there is a continuity in the standard operations of your facility. The regularly scheduled maintenance plan will help to confirm that the generator system is in optimal working order – at all times. This plan will provide you with a solid peace of mind in terms of continual electric coverage. Remember, failure to plan will result in your plans to fail. No power = NO PROFITS!
  2. While it is true that not having a regularly scheduled maintenance plan for your generator system may save you a little money, it is also true that it will cost you more – in the long run. The potential losses associated with power failure will end up costing much more than the little that you will save. Not only does generator repairs get costly fast, your business will experience numerous monetary losses.
  3. If you have the generator system of your business regularly maintained, the technicians that handle it will help in optimizing the overall efficiency of the system. They will review the main components of the system, clean out any type of debris that has accumulated in the system, and test the unit. If any steps are necessary, they will complete those steps – which will improve its overall functionality and its general level of efficiency.

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