Now that the cold air has blown in, utility expenses are starting to increase. Even homes that use alternative forms of heating – such as natural gas, wood, and oil – are noticing an increase in electrical costs.

Not only are individuals staying indoors more, the days are shorter, and additional electrical components are often utilized – such as day lamps, additional lighting, holiday lights, and hair dryers. As a result, the electrical system of the home is known for experiencing higher levels of strain during the winter.

In this guide, we will outline a few issues that commonly occur and how those problems may be resolved.

Breaker Box
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Electrical Overload

Have you noticed a flicker in your lights? Are you finding that your breakers flip more often? Do you hear unusual noises such as hums and buzzing?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is quite likely that an electrical overload is occurring within your home.

You should schedule an electrical inspection of your home as soon as possible. It is quite likely that the professional electrician will inform you that you are in need of an upgrade to the system.

This is beneficial as it will increase the amount of amperage available within the home.

In many instances, electrical overloads may stem from the fact that the home is using outdated appliances.

Evaluate all of the major appliances that you use – including any type of electrical heating unit. If your appliances are older than ten years old, make a point to replace them – even if just one at a time – with a new appliance that boasts the label Energy Star. Not only will these place less of a strain on your electrical system, but they will also aid in saving you money on all of your utility costs.

Power Outages

Winter is a time where rain, snow, ice, and storms are quite common. It is not at all unusual for disastrous weather issues to occur. As a result, the home is quite vulnerable to power outages. Given the extremely low temperatures of the season, this may prove to be detrimental to your health. There are many ways to prepare for a power outage.

You should have an electrician evaluate your home to ensure that it is ready for such conditions.

Also consider having a backup generator put into place that is powered by gas or another alternative substance so that if an electrical outage does occur, you still have access to power.

Space Heater
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Space Heaters

While known to provide ample heating for many during the winter months, space heaters are extremely dangerous. Not only are they responsible for many fires, but they also place an undue burden on the electrical system of your home.

When using them, you may find that your breakers trip, the outlets spark, and a vast array of other issues.

If you must use these, ensure that they are placed in a dedicated outlet.

If not using, unplug. Ideally, it is best to have a new heating system in your home that is safe and will provide more leveled warmth – without the risks.

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The cold and the precipitous weather, the winter months are exceptionally challenging to the home. The good news is, winter will place just enough of a strain on your home to help you determine if upgrades and repairs are necessary. By following the tips contained in this brief guide, you can quickly overcome common electrical problems that occur within the cold season.

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