According to studies, electricity is the single most dangerous of all workplace hazards.

Electricity is a dangerous workplace hazard

Electric remodels, additions, machine wiring, machine repairs, high voltage jobs, generator panel service, electrical lighting retrofits, and other types of electrical-based work is an immense danger among individuals in the workplace.

When “live” parts are handled directly or indirectly, many complications may arise in terms of health and safety.

Electricity does not simply injure, it kills.

In the workplace, all electricity jobs, services, and components should only be handled by highly-experienced commercial electricians.

Basic Statistics

According to information derived from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are – at least – 1,000 workplace accidents each year involving electricity. Some of these accidents are caused by electrical shocks; others are caused by electrical burns.

At least 30 of all annual accidents result in death.

The most common form of electrical-based deaths occurs as a result of workers coming in contact with overhead electrical cables or underground cables that are live.

The following also occurs:

  • Electrical shocks from equipment that is faulty
  • Indirect injuries from electrical accidents including falling from work platforms
  • Fires that are caused by faults within electrical components

Highest Risk

Those that are at highest risk for electrical-related injuries and deaths are individuals that work in maintenance, those that are assigned to areas with electrical components, machine operators, and those that regularly work in harsh environments, such as areas where construction occurs.

However, any individual in any position may become injured by electricity. In order to reduce the risk of injury and/or death, workers should avoid:

  • Working near or in equipment that is live
  • Working near live appliances, machines, and/or wiring that is live without taking the appropriate measures and precautions to protect themselves
  • Using and/or misusing appliances, machines, and/or wiring that is known to be faulty

Electricity is really just organized lightning….”George Carlin

The Legalities

In order to avoid electrical-based workplace accidents, injuries, and/or deaths, there are many legalities that must be followed, as outlined by the General Health and Safety Legislation:

  • All electrical systems must be designed and constructed in a manner that is to prevent any level of danger to those that work near them.
  • All electrical systems must be appropriately maintained by a licensed electrician and/or licensed commercial electrician so that they do not pose a danger to those in the workplace.
  • All electrical systems must be set up in such a way that prevents individuals in the workplace to being subjected to dangers.
  • Only those licensed and trained in electrical components, machines, appliances, and wiring should be assigned to working, maintaining, and upgrading such products to prevent unnecessary dangers.

Electrical grounding systems are a known human health hazard….”Steven Magee

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