Electrical Tools and EquipmentTest instruments are considered to be the most popular type and widely used of all electrical tools and equipment. All jobs for electrical engineers call for testing tools and instruments. Electrical-based testing and the maintenance of various power-based systems and equipment are essential to ensuring maximum operational-based reliability and optimal safety. Knowing the main components of your electrical system comes first, but possessing the proper electrical tools and equipment is absolutely vital. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to the most common test instruments used by those that specialize in the electrical engineering field.

Battery Testers

Many jobs for electrical engineers require a battery tester. This is a type of electronic device that is created for the purpose and intent of testing a battery state. Most all test for charger within the cells of the battery and the overall voltage output. There are many that will actually test the condition of the battery, like its ability to accumulate a charge and any flaws that may detrimentally impact its overall performance.

Continuity Testers

Continuity testers are common and essential when it comes to electrical tools and equipment. These tools are utilized to determine if an electrical-based path can be established between a point A and a point B. These testers assist the electrician in determining is an electrical circuit may be created or made.


A multimeter is a type of electronic instrument that measures electrical voltage, electrical current, and electrical resistance. These are often referred to as a “VOM Meter”. These electrical tools and equipment pieces may be used to troubleshoot electrical issues in equipment, controls associated with motors, appliances, wiring systems, and even power supplies.

Outlet Testers

This type of testing equipment is used in many jobs for electrical engineers. While it is most commonly referred to as an “Outlet Tester”, it may also be referred to as a “Receptacle Tester”. This tool is used to determine if a wall outlet that operates and/or distributes AC power is wired as it is supposed to be wired. In addition to this, it has the ability to determine if the outlet being tested has power, in general.

Voltage Testers

The voltage tester aids in determining if electrical current is flowing properly through the wire being examined. Additionally, it determines if there is an accurate amount of voltage within the wire and if the wire is properly grounded. When it comes to electrical tools and equipment, this is one of the most commonly used devices.

Wire Tracer

A wire tracer is a type of testing tool that has the ability to determine if there is a wire or cable that is unshielded or unenergized within a particular set-up.


There are many types of electrical tools and equipment used by electricians. In this brief guide, you have been introduced to the most common. Nearly all jobs for electrical engineers call for the tools that have been outlined here. Using these tools is not always easy. You must know exactly how to use them and how to read them. If you lack this knowledge, it is best to allow a certified electrician to conduct the tests that use these tools. If you need help in using the electrical tools and equipment highlighted here or you have jobs for electrical engineers, contact Hardcore Electric today at: 720-841-3897

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