Electrical testing services are crucial. Your electrical equipment and components can malfunction for a wide variety of reasons. It’s important to have a professional who can prevent potentially dangerous situations, and get you up and running quickly.

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Contacts, wires, and other parts may simply reach their lifespan, shorts may occur, overheating may develop, and issues from certain situations – such as storms, floods, and impacts – may result in damage. When an issue arises, your equipment may operate inconsistently or simply quit working at all.

If you own and/or operate an industrial or commercial business, electrical malfunctions may result in safety issues, the loss of revenue, and a multitude of other complications.

We here at Hardcore Electric have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get you up and running with our electrical testing and troubleshooting services.

Energized systems within facilities are our specialty. We offer comprehensive expertise in testing and troubleshooting your electrical components and your overall electrical system.

Our engineers and field technicians have the experience, the commitment, and the highly dedicated focus to ensure the proper functioning of all of your electrical equipment and components.

The design, the overall level of functionality, and the operation of each piece of your electrical system is our specialty.

As the market that covers electrical distribution continues to advance and expand, our engineers and technicians are also advancing and expanding in their knowledge and their capabilities.

Electrical Testing Services

Our testing procedures are done – mostly – as a preventive-based level of maintenance to ensure that electrical failure does not happen within your industrial or commercial facility.

In many instances, it may be done as a means of adjusting or processing your system.

If a failure of your electrical system occurs, testing is performed in order to determine the underlying cause so that it can be quickly addressed and your establishment is back up and running as quickly as possible. If the electrical component is deemed inoperable, repairs or replacement will be scheduled.

Electrical Troubleshooting Services

Troubleshooting is performed in order to engage in the process of evaluating and analyzing the operation of a questionable electrical component.

Electrical troubleshooting allows for the identification of a defect and helps in ensuring the proper repair of that defect.

This is a dangerous task that should only be performed by a professional, licensed electrician.

This type of professional will utilize a systematic approach that combines logic and critical thinking skills – with a comprehensive knowledge of all electrical systems – in order to quickly resolve the issue or issues at hand. This helps reduce detrimental effects to your operations, productivity, and revenue.

We here at Hardcore Electric specialize in maintenance testing and the process of re-commissioning systems that are installed in industrial and commercial facilities.

While this is a complicated and highly dangerous task, our expertise allows us to be successful in these tasks. We guarantee an outcome that is both positive and productive for your facility, the safety of your employees, and the electrical systems and machines present within your facility.

Our planning, step-taking process, and our meticulous attention to detail make us the most reputable electrical testing and troubleshooting specialists in the area.

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